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Gifted Hands

No description

Ashley Flowers

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Gifted Hands

WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gifted Hands Song Project Father of Mine
By: Everclear Song 1 This relates to the story because Ben's father left
his family when he was a boy and he too, is
grown up and never abandoned his children. This song is about a father abandoning
his son and family. The son is grown up
and still hurt but would never abandon
his family and children. Eye of the Tiger
By: Survivor Song 2 This relates to the story when Ben begins to improve
in school and then in ROTC. His life slowly begins
to come together and fall in place. This song is a kind of triumph song
letting you know that they're going to
fight back no matter what the challenge. Song 3 After Ben almost killed his friend he locked himself
in the bathroom and read his Bible and prayed to God. Draw Me Close is a song about a person
asking the Lord to forgive them and take
them in. Draw Me Close
By: Kutless Song 4 The Climb
By: Miley Cyrus Ben Carson's dream is to be a doctor and no matter what obstacles he faces, he's still going to keep trying and reach his goal. The Climb is about someone
who is on a journey. They
face obstacles and are still
persistent to reach their goal. Song 5 Don't Worry Be Happy
By: Bobby McFerrin When Ben was in college he was very poor and needed money badly. The good Lord was looking out for him and he found a ten dollar bill and was rewarded another for being honest and responsible. This song is telling you that even if your
poor or dying, that life is a happy thing.
You should be glad to still be alive and
thankful for what you do have. Song 6 This would initially be Ben
Carson's song to Candy, as
they fall in love. This is a song to
that special
someone. You Make Me Smile
By: Uncle Kracker Song 7 Respect
By: Aretha Franklin When Ben Carson is an intern at the hospital
the nurse assumes he's an orderly and snaps at
him. She should have at least given him some
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. But she learned her lesson. ;) I'm sure everyone's heard this song.
Respect is what everyone deserves.
This song is telling you exactly that. Although there
are some parts
about Aretha's
love, the gist of it is
she needs respect. :) Song 8 Black or White
By: Michael Jackson Tommy, one of Ben's chief resident's
didn't like the fact that he was black.
He was very prejudice and this is Ben's
song to him. Michael Jackson was always
teased and taunted because of his race and choices.
So this is his song to his
girlfriend saying it doesn't what her race is or what his race is. Song 9 Shine
By: The Newsboys Ben's motivation was simply this: a story
in church inspired him to be a doctor. Not
only that, but, the Lord of course. This is a crazy song asking
you this: what's your motivation? Song 10 Hands
By: Jewel Doctor Ben Carson has "gifted hands" and is
very talented. He performs operations on the
tiniest of heads. He may be big, but he's a
great neurosurgeon. This song is for all of
his patients, especially the Binder twins. :) It doesn't matter how big or
small your hands are you
can always do something
good to help someone remain strong. Song 11 Who You Are
By: Unspoken Ben Carson's message overall would be
that you can change, no matter what
the circumstances. This is a song all about
change. Song 12 Smellin' Coffee
By: Veggie Tales Ben Carson now has his happy ending.
One day you will too. :) This is a happy ending type of song.
You might have had a rough patch
in your life but you've overcome the
bad times and you're smelling coffee. Are you ready for some
Veggie Tales??? FEEL FREE TO SING ALONG! AND Just for kicks...
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