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New Town Revised

By; Erika & Alyssa

Erika Gee

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of New Town Revised

GEMA Our New Town Our Government In our town, we are a republic.
Everyone gets a say in how things are done
and who runs the town. We have two mayors, eight representatives, and four governors. We elect new mayors every two years, and every representative and governor - four years. The people vote for who they want to. You have to be at least eighteen to vote and at least thirty-five to run for anyone of these jobs. Our School In our school we have very high standards.
Everybody gets a good education here.
You have to pay a small tuition but it is worth it. In Gema, there is no college because of insufficient funding. However, there is a small college only 10 miles out in the town next to us. Our policy in our school is that you cannot miss more than five days a semester, that does not include excused absents. If you are tardy for your class you will be sent to the principals office. The first time is a warning, second time is a call to your parents and third is detention and no further warnings. If you get four detentions in the whole school year you will not be able to graduate and you will repeat that grade. If you are smoking in the bathroom it is an automatic detention for a week, the second time you are suspended. Our Church In Gema we have multiple churches because of all of our ethnic groups and all of our different religions. Our mass schedule is as follows: Saturday: 4-5pm
Sunday: 8-9am 10-11am
Churches will be open all day for anybody who needs to go pray.

Our Mall In our mall we have all of your needs.
We have groceries, clothes, arcades, and a movie theater. This is the only mall in Gema so many people shop here and are employed here. Here are the rules of our mall:
No Loitering
No Smoking on mall grounds
No shoes, no shirt, no service
No Heelies
No Pets unless it's from our pet store or for an assisting dog.
You cannot stay in our mall for more than 6 hours.
No children can enter the arcade unless with adult supervision.(Kid= 7 or under.)
You cannot purchase a movie ticket unless you are 12.
Our Laws If you murder someone and it wasn't self defense, you will be put in jail for life.
If you are seen beating somebody up you will be put in jail for 3 years with no parole.
If you are assaulting a person or people you will do 200 hours of community service.
If you shoplift from a store and you are caught and/or you don't return it you will pay a fine of how much that item was.
If you rob a person with a weapon you will serve 10 years in prison.
If you vandalize anything or set something on fire you will be punished according to how bad it is.
If you steal a car, you will be put in jail for 2 years.
If you are taking somebodies money that has been trusted with you, you will be put in federal prison for 5 years.
It is illegal to use drugs (not including cigarettes or medication.
Here in Gema, we have an annual salsa competition. You MAY NOT steal another persons' recipe. (Treason)

Gema is a beautiful town with many ethnic groups. There aren't many kids in Gema although there are many senior citizens and adults ranging from the ages 25-45 who enjoy living there. The population of Gema is 1,000 and constantly growing. Even though our town is smaller than the average town we have many things to do. We have movie theaters, malls, games, and much more. In Gema we speak English and a little Spanish, but not fluently. In our town we have two mayors, Alyssa and myself and an excellent police force. The land of Gema is mostly flat. However, we do have a few hills. We have multiple gas stations in Gema but getting gas is very easy because our gas prices are so low. To fill your tank it would take between $10-$15. Our gas is very cheap because while digging out a foundation we struck oil. More Laws If you pick your nose in public the fine is $15.00
Anybody seen walking barefoot will be asked immediatly to put on some type of shoe.
You may not set up a mousetrap without a proper hunting license.
In many hotel rooms it is illegal to peel an orange.
If you yell "Bingo," and you do not have bingo you will be fined however much is in the prize you won.
It is illegal to sing in the bathtub while shampooing.
You must ask permission to eat someones garbage.
You can not speed while riding your bicycle.
It is illegal to ask somebody for gum.
It is illegal for a hobo to sleep in town. Anybody assisting the hobo will be fined. Jobs In Gema we have a multiple range of jobs. Most of the jobs you will need a college diploma and some kind of experience in the type of job you are working. We offer many part time jobs to teens who are in college working off to pay their college loans and needing extra money.
Our banks In Gema, we have several banks. We have deposits and withdrawls, you can open a checking account with us, however, you would need to live in the country for two years. We have many checking and saving accounts in our banks already and we would be glad to get some more. Our Prisons and Our Jails We have one prison and one jail within our town. They are both heavily guarded with guards that are very well trained. Our jail, which holds people while they are waiting for their trial to be held is in the outskirts of our town. It holds about 300 people. Our prison is on the other side of our town, not many people get sent to prison because not a lot of people disobey the laws. Community Center & Parks In Gema, we have a very well organized community center. In this center we have: excercising equipment, a swimming pool, a basketball and tennis court, a rock climbing wall, and a day care center. To join this center it would cost $500.00 per year. We also, have a beautiful park in Gema. You can bring your pets to have fun. You can also fish at our beautiful lake, Lake Ameg. Our Traffic Laws
In Gema, there are not many roads. There are ten traffic lights, a few stop signs, and mutiple crosswalks. Here is our traffic laws:
If you run a red light, you pay a fine of $200.00.
If you run a stop sign, you pay a fine of $100.00.
Driving under the influence (DUI), gets your license taken away and you have to go to counciling.
Our Arena In our town, we are constantly having activites going on. Some of these include:
It costs $25.00 to attend or participate ib the arena. You must be a member of the town to attend, however, you may invite guests with a proper form.
Amusment Park Even though Gema is a relatively small town we still have an amusement park. We need to keep this park open because it contributes a lot of money to our town. It is $30.00 for kids and $35.00 for adults. It is open from 10a.m.-10p.m. You get a wristband for an all day acess to the rides. Because of insufficient funding our waterpark is only open on days above 75 degrees. The park is closed on sundays and wednesdays. It is located right by our prison. Our police force is very well trained and educated. In the case of arresting a minor the police have the option of sending the juvenile home or sending the juvenile to an intake. If they get sent home, the police tell their parents what happened and hopefully the parents will take care of it. On the other hand, if they are sent to a juvenile center, a social worker will be there waiting for you. After you talk to the worker you have your hearing. This is when you sit in front of a judge and learn about more of his rights and charges. You then get an attorney and the judge decides if you can be released or go to prison. After this, you have your trial and then your sentence. Then you go to one of three places: a group home, a juvenile center or probation but they all lead to one thing...aftercare. Our Police Station This is just a general over view of our town. There is never a dull moment here. So come and visit our town someday.
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