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Minecraft Word problems

No description

Gina Simpson

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft Word problems

MINECRAFT Word Problems You have 9 blocks and you need to build a 20 block wall, how many more blocks do you need? You need to build a wall 10 high to prevent spiders from getting in. How many blocks total will you need if your wall needs to be 8 wide? You have 30 arrows to shoot at skeletons, there's a skeleton swarm of 6 coming toward you, how many arrows do you have for each skeleton? You have a stack of 64 blocks in your bag and you need to divide them up into 8 stacks, how many stacks will you end up with? Your pig farm has taken off. You started with 2 pigs five days ago and now have 10. At this rate, how many should you have tomorrow? If you plant 4 rows of sugar cane that are 8 long, how many do you have total? Oh no! One row of sugar cane didn't have water and died. How many do you have now? 1 stick + 1 charcoal = 4 torches. You have 6 sticks and 4 charcoal, how many torches can you make?
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