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What do members think of Expresso?

No description

Ross Stensrud

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of What do members think of Expresso?

What do members think of Expresso?
How often do you ride Expresso?
Top 3 Features
Challenging my friends.
Riding for my team in the Top 100.
Sharing my rides with others!
Riding Expresso gives me a better workout...
Compared with other exercise bikes Expresso is...
I would recommend the Expresso bike to my friends...
Independent Survey
2,219 My Expresso Riders
Collected and reported by 3rd party
Lets take a look at the results...
87% ride at least once a week!
85% of exercisers agree that they get a better workout on Expresso then they do on other exercise bikes!!
98% think Expresso
is better than other
exercise bikes!
96% would recommend Expresso
to their friends who exercise!!
They Ride it...
They Love it...
They Share it...
87% at least once a week
98% like it more than other bikes
96% would recommend it to friends
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