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Ready Player One

No description

Chin Caravaglia

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Ready Player One

Ernest Cline Conflict: The year is 2044 and the world is in near-ruins. For 17 year old Wade Watts, the only escape from the otherwise dreary world is the OASIS, a virtual world from which he can escape to. His main conflict is with the world itself. "This means we no longer have enough energy to keep our civilization running like it was before." explains Wade on page 17 about how the global energy crisis has put everyone in a very rough position for food, fuel, money, and shelter. Ready Player One "We lived in the Portland Ave. Stacks, a sprawling hive of discolored tin shoeboxes rusting on the shores of I-40, just west of Oklahoma City" says Wade on page 21, explaining his home situation. Setting: While the story takes place technically in Wades hometown in Oklahoma, the story mainly takes place inside the virtual world of OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation). In the stimulation, which can be accessed using goggles and a console, Wade searches for the great Easter egg left behind by the creator in an attempt to inherit his fortune. He must traverse through multiple stimulated worlds in order to accomplish this task. "I had to stay in school, because if i didn't my OASIS visor and console would be taken away" (pg 25) http://www.howstuffworks.com/virtual-military.htm Climax: The climax of the story happens once Wade, and all of his allies he had gathered finally found out the trick to discovering the location of the keys. Using references from old tv shows and video games such as Galaga, Spiderman, and Robotron: 2084, they begin to uncover the keys, one by one. Protagonist: The protagonist of this story is Wade Watts who has already been introduced. in the OASIS he calls himself Parzival. It is Wade who creates the alliance called the High Five and finally uncovers the easter egg left behind by the creator, thus becoming rich. Genre: Ready Player One is a science fiction book as it utilizes aspects of futuristic technology with fictional characters and events that take place in the future. The entire OASIS concept is very science fiction in itself, which the book is based off of. Resolution: This stories resolution is brought about by the finding of Halliday's three easter egg keys, and the survival of the gauntlet of solitude by the High Five. Once the Gauntlet is finished, the crew receives their reward of Hallidays mansion and fortune and Wade even goes off to take over OASIS and use it to change the world for the better by trying to end the global energy crisis. Point of View: The story is told in the first person perspective of Wade. You can tell because the story follows him wherever he happens to go, through his eyes, whether it be in the virtual world or the real one. Theme: Persistence Persistence is the theme i chose because it is displayed everywhere in the book. Its not only displayed in Wades desire to find the easter egg; its also displayed in the way this network of virtual people all search for it too tirelessly. Its also found in the way how human technology refuses to stop growing and evolving; the OASIS being a prime example of that. Its also shown in the human race's tenacity as a whole; they refuse to die no matter how rough the world gets. Wade Watts A short, chubby 17 year old making the best of his
crappy life through the Oasis.
"Being human totally sucks most of the time.
Video games are the only thing that makes life more bearable" pg 1
This tells us that Wade hates the real world & uses the OASIS to lead the life he really wants to live. Aech Wades best friend and fellow egg hunter, also his greatest rival who has many similarities to him. Massive pessimist.
"You were born in a pretty crappy time in history. And it looks like things are only gonna get worse from here on out." pg 45
This quote shows Aech's massive pessimism which is ironic as he is an egg hunter, which requires time, patience and optimism. Nolan Sorrento James Halliday The antagonist of the story, trying to control and monetize the oasis by illegal means.
"One person can keep a secret, but not two" pg 77
This quote is relevant as it sums up his evil, secretive ways and morals. The man who created the oasis, whom was obsessed with 80's pop culture. Also responsible for the great egg hunt.
"The unprecedented success of the OASIS had made Halliday one of the wealthiest people in the world" pg 1
This quote is relevant As it shows the wealth and fame of the creator, before he died. "There will be three gates. You have found the second! I hope you brought the key!" pg 250
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