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Usability Analysis of TripAdvisor

No description

Xintian Cai

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Usability Analysis of TripAdvisor

Milena Flament About History and Expansion is the world's largest travel site* Analysis of People visit trip advisor to get trip information & advices! Content Development is always the king! Ten Usability Heuristics First, develop content
specifically tied to the goals www.TripAdvisor.com Get the truth, Heuristics 10 Usability then go. Web Viewability
& Accessibility Web
Viewability Web
Accessibility Display Resolution IE9/Firefox/the World/Chrome/Opera
Safiri: Mac only Not user friendly for the disabled Cons Third, profile the users
and develop content
geared toward their needs. Usability The 淺議Content大學民意研究計劃 of Second, send the
right message. By Facebook By users themselves By refine search Content Development Guidelines Use inverted pyramid. Content Development Guidelines Use lists (bullets, PowerPoint-liked style). Use bolded keywords. Create “micro-content”(no more than 60 words) Use sentence fragments. Use sentence fragments. Graphic is NOT the king. Browser Configuration 1280*1024 1920*1080 Fujitsu Web Accessibility Inspector According to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, problems have been found 750 Understandable Operable Font size is too small, difficult to read Not operable via a keyboard interface
http://www.tripadvisor.com/ Cons Operable & Perceivable No audio guidance Not readable for persons with low vision/protanopia/deuteranopia/tritanopia Pros Understandable Obvious&clear text; Obvious hyperlinks Perceivable 1. Mainly text content --Compatible with text-only screen

2.Text descriptions for multimedia objects Robust 1. Compatible with backward&up-to-dated technology Pros Pros 2. Properly described HTML coding (XP,Smartphone,Tablets) Content Development Guidelines Users do not like long, scrolling pages!
They prefer the text to be short and to the point. Usability Principles & Homepage
Usability Guidelines 10 Usability Principles P1 User Motivation P2 User Task Flow P3 Architecture P4 Affordance P5 Replicate P7 Know the technology limitations P8 Know user tolerance P9 Multimedia P10 Web statistics 10 Homepage Usability Guidelines
by Jokob Nielsen G1 Include an one sentence tagline G2 Write a window title with good visibility in search engines and bookmark lists G3 Group all corporate information in one distinct area G4 Emphasize the website’s top priority tasks G5 Include a search input box 40 characters wide, more then 200 characters inputs G6 Show examples of real site content G7 Begin link names with the most important keyword G8 Offer easy access to recent homepage features G9 Not over-formating critical contents G10 Use Meaningful Graphics H1: Visibility of system status H2: Match between your site and the real world File-folder tabs for navigation H3: User control and freedom 1. Where am I?
2. How did I get here?
3. How do I get back to where I came from? No idea! v.s Booking.com H6: Recognition Than Recall http://www.tripadvisor.com/InfoCenter-a_ctr.amazingpoolsEN1 H4: Consistency and standards H5: Error prevention H7: Flexibility and efficiency of use After I searched "Budapest" on homepage, the flight, hotel, and things to do, these sections will automatically use "Budapest" as your default search. H8: Aesthetic and minimalist design At first glance this statement means that all websites need to be simple, clean, sparse – but this is not the case. What this guideline means is that the website should look great, powerful, bold, but at the same time the elements of the design should not obstruct the function, they should work together and not distract from the actual message / call to action required. H9: Help users recognize and recover from errors H10: Help and documentation Pros v.s Cons Very easy to learn how to use this website
High information accessibility
Relative clear layout Weak user control and freedom (H3)
Much information are depend on users' momeries. (H6) http://www.tripadvisor.com/xx http://www.tripadvisor.com/hkbu PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 v.s Marketing stuff v.s Friends' comments A "personalized travel planner" rather than a hard seller Provide links to larger files. Conclusion: 1. Ten Heuristics
2. Content Development
3. Ten Usability and
Ten Web Principles
4. Web viewability and accessibility
Thank You! Jun QIU/May CAI/Candy LAU/WANG Ke [Group C] Well-divided different product categories to meet specific needs Keyword will be suggested to motivate consumers to narrow down the search results. A list of popular search results in frontpage.
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