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Conditions of the Hair and Scalp

No description

katie riddell

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Conditions of the Hair and Scalp

Conditions of the
Hair and
Scalp Impetigo Contagious
Conditions Tinea capitas Folliculitas Pediculosis capitas Impetigo Very contagious skin condition
Commonly known as school sores
Seek medical advice to treat Tinea capitas Very contagious skin condition
Commonly known as scalp ringworm
Seek medical advice to treat Folliculitis Contagious skin condition
Commonly known as ingrown hairs
Mild cases usually resolve without treatment,
in other cases seek medical advice Pediculosis capitas Extreamly contagious- parasite
Also known as a head lice infestation or nits
Lice shampoos and combs are avaliable
to buy without prescription for treatment Sanitation In a hair salon sanitation is extreamly impoartant.
Our working area and tools must be keep clean and tidy.
All electrical equipment should be wiped with disinfectant
and de-haired after every use.
Brushes and combs should be de-haired and cleaned with disinfectant,
Towels and capes should be cleaned after every use. Non contagious
Conditions Trichoptilosis Pili tort Fragilitas crinium Trichoptilosis Also known as split ends
Non contagious- Hair condition
Occurs in dry damaged hair
To prevent use repair treatments
and get regular trims Pili tort Also known as twisted hairs
Non contagious- Hair shaft condition
Hair shaft is flattened making hair fragile
Hereditary and untreatable Fragilitas
crinium Brittleness or hair
Non contagious- Hair shaft condition
Weak damaged hair breaks off
Caused by harsh chemical or physical damage
Conditioning treatments will help Skin Irregularities Melanoma Basal- cell
Carcinoma Squamous cell
carcinoma Melanoma Skin cancer
Develops as a mole
Can be life threatning
if not treated
at early stages Stages of Melanoma Starts as Melanocytes
Melanocytes make melanin
To much sun, melanocytes make
more melanin
If skin reveives to much sun
Melanocytes grow and become
CANCEROUS! Basal- cell
Carcinoma Most common skin cancer
Least dangerous
Growth that is pearly
white or light pink
Slow growing and painless Squamous Cell
Carcinoma Second most common
skin cancer
Slow growing, Wart like
Treatment requires excision Non contagious
skin condtions Psoriasis Seborrehea Seborrehea
Dermatitis Sebaceous
cyst Pityriasis
simplex Trichotillomania Psoriasis A common skin condition that
causes redness and irritation
Shampoos and lotions are avaliable
for treatment
Dead skin cells build up on surface Seborrehea Over production of sebum
Shampoos are avaliable for
Hair appears oily, flakey scalp Seborrehea Dermatitis Skin allergic to sebum
Scalp red, oily and itchy
Shampoo's and creams for
treatment Sebaceous cyst Arise from swollen hair follicle
Slow growing and painless
Usually harmless and can be ignored Pityriasis simplex Known as dandruff
White flakes on hair and clothing
Anti dandruff shampoos and avaliable Trichotillomania Physiological condition
Pulling out of one's hair
Bald patches Alopecia Alopecia Areata Alopecia Totalis Alopecia Univesalis Androgenic Alopecia Post partrum
alopecia Diffuse hair loss Cicatrical alopecia Traction alopecia Alopecia Areata Round patches of bald spots
Autoimmune disorder
Hair may regrow Alopecia Totalis Total loss of hair on scalp and face
Auto immune disorder
Steroid injections can be used for
treatment Alopecia
Univesalis Auto immune disorder
Total loss of hair on body
and scalp
No treatment avaliable Androgenic
Alopecia Also known as pattern
Hair loss starts above
Could lead to total hairloss Post Partrum
Alopecia Temporary hairloss after
Due to hormonal changes
Hair will regrow Diffuse Hairloss Many causes can trigger
diffuse hairloss
Loss of hair evenly over scalp
Hair will regrow when health
returns to normal Cicatrical
Alopecia Permanest hairloss
Destruction of hair follicle
No treatment avaliable Traction
Alopecia Due to harsh tension
on hair
Temporary hairloss
Bald patches on hairline
and scalp THE END
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