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Strategic plan for repositioning a Hungarian cooking oil brand

Air Mr.

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Éden

Nothing Éden Original name: Kunsági Éden

Product category: cooking oil (FMCG)

Production company: NT Ltd.
Location: Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary
History: 15 years in production
Company size: 130 employees
Production: 4-5 million L / month
Sales: B2C = 80 %, B2B = 20%
Latest investment with EU support B2C Products: 1,2,5,10 L cooking oil for end users

B2B Products: bulk oil for subsequent food production Features: Product Hot-pressed
Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil
Hungarian Product
Non GMO Average retail price in March 2011. Price 462,5 HUF Place Nationwide

Abroad - Germany, Poland

Wholesale and retail stores Promotion Secondary research blank stuff Industry benchmarking

Competitor analysis blank frame blank frame blank frame blank frame blank frame Product Price Place Promotion Aim is to measure: Primary research awareness
liking preferance
purchase + collect opinions SAMPLING

DATA COLLECTION arbitrary CATI, CAPI where applicable
online questionnaire based on invitation Methods: Strategy Targets Channels TG1 TG2 Products HOW Short term Medium term Long term raise awareness, knowledge, prefernce
increase buying intention
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