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Lydia Janis Caldana

Lydia Caldana

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of Portfolio

lydia janis caldana NOW Studying
Fashion Futures:
Trend Prediction and Forecasting
at University of East London
2011- BEFORE German High School in Brazil
Colegio Visconde de Porto Seguro
- International Business Diploma, 2008. Polimoda Fashion Institute
Florence, Italy
Foundation course in Fashion, 2009-2010 sewing
history of costume
trend forecasting
marketing Polimoda Fashion Institute
Florence, Italy
Fashion Design , 2010-2011 sewing
history of costume
textiles science LANGUAGES IT Skills
Portuguese Adobe Photoshop
English Adobe Illustrator
Italian Microsoft Power Point
Spanish Microsoft Word
German Corel Draw
French project:
make a doll that represents yourself
design her clothes
design a skirt knitting project:
inspired on Sardegna folk costumes jacket project: illustrations project:
spot a trend
write research dossier
create 4 boards work experience internship at Eaton, Brazil, 2007
marketing and importation areas Pitti Filati, Florence Italy
responsible for dressing the models Polimoda Fashion Show, Florence Italy
Responsible for dressing the models "hard work,
perfection." THANK YOU! Contact Info:
Flat 15i, Marley House, 7 University Way
E16 2GH London U.K.
Phone: +44 074 133 49361
personal blog:
http://imnotnotinsane.tumblr.com/ adobe Photoshop
adobe Illustrator
adobe InDesign
microsoft Power Point
trend prediction
tracing back a trend
moodboards Trend Union Internship

Li Edelkoort's seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil (July 2012)
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