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Session 2 Tutor Training

No description

Academic Success Center

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Session 2 Tutor Training

The Road Ahead: ASC Tutor Training
Back on the Road Again...
Welcome & Introductions
Guidelines for Tutoring
The Do's and the Don'ts
Becoming an Effective Tutor
Learning the Ropes
New Initiatives and Programs

Guidelines for
Watch for the Street Signs
Are We There Yet?....ALMOST!
GPS Stops..
Let' s Get to Know Each Other...
Blind Fold Game
Ferpa Policy Pg. 16
Reporting Problems

Tutor Disciplinary Program
ASC Tutor Policy
FERPA generally prohibits the release of confidential personally identifiable student data from education records, with limited exceptions that include "Directory Information" (see below), without the student's written, signed consent.
NEVER disclose anything about a student you are assisting unless it is an ASC staff member or the appropriate subject area instructor.
Communication is KEY!
Be sure to report all problems to me first.
My job is to help you through difficult situations as they arise.
Waiting too late sometimes causes a bigger mess!
What did you learn?
Why Are We Here?
Examples that could cause a Write-Up :
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Leaving earlier from tutoring sessions
Not arriving on time to tutoring session
Not arrive on time to staff meetings
Not turning in paperwork on time
Slacking on administrative duties
Obsessive canceling of tutoring sessions
Completing a student's homework
Not completing all duties as a ASC tutor
As an ASC tutor you are the RESOURCE not the ANSWER!!
Always let the tutee/client have the writing utensil, keyboard, or mouse to do the work.
Never help a tutee on any test or exam.
Never complete the tutee's assignment.
Remember to report all tutee's to me who are attempting to abuse the system.
Review of Tutor Forms:
ASC Forms
Tutor Request
Red Flag Form
Time Sheet
Time Availability Sheet
Tutor Session
Time Reporting
Before 5 p.m.
After 5 pm.
Complete Google Doc Form (link)
You can access this Link on our website under forms.
Tutor Evaluations
Every ASC tutor will be evaluated by myself , their peers, and tutees once a semester.
The Do's and Don'ts
More...Pg. 18 & 19
Professionalism Pg. 20
NEVER Promise Grades!!
Always encourage good study skills Habits
Motivate Students To Learn pg. 22
Make a Connection
Make your tutoring session fun! Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!!
Build your tutee's trust
Never criticize teachers,assignments, other tutors, or students...
Tutors are expected to respond to ASC staff members is an appropriate manner.
If you need to cancel a tutoring session, it is your responsibility to reschedule that session as promptly as possible. If you know that you will be out of town for a week or so, you must let the tutoring program staff and your regular tutees know in advance.
Note-Taking Skills
Time Management Skills
Motivate Students To Learn
Motivating the Unmotivated is like selling a bucket of chicken to vegetarians.... Are you in it to win it?!
To sell meat to a vegetarian:
You will have to give a lot of thought to WHY they don't want your chicken
You will have to MAKE AN EXTRA EFFORT to make the chicken look inviting
And you CAN do it
Stopping by the Rest Area...
Lets' Practice
Problem Solving Scenarios-Breakout Sessions
Becoming an Effective Tutor
Understanding Students
With Disabilities
Explore Simulations
Working with Unprepared&
At- Risk Students
The most important thing you can do is relate to your tutee.
Fitting in and Being as "Same" as Possible Article Pg. 22
Working with Unprepared&
At- Risk Students
Make your tutee WIN!
Build your tutee up by encouraging small successes when necessary. Note: Discover a balance.
Last Few Miles...
Transition & Success Seminar-Overview of Program
Process
Workshop Series
New Initiatives and Programs
We Made it to Our Destination
Let's Prepare for our Tutees
Tutor Projection/Assignments
Master Schedule Review
Set Weekly Meetings
Mentor Assignments

Go Make a Difference!
General Sign-In Form
(After 5p.m.)
No Show List Sign-In Form
New Tutors Only: Sign Orange Ferpa Form
All Tutors Sign Code of Ethics Form Pg. 21
Yellow Worksheets
Blue Worksheet
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