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Michael Asorian Presents: The Scorch Trials

No description

Michael Asorian

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Michael Asorian Presents: The Scorch Trials

Plot (cont.)
The Gladers are told they must make it 100 miles across the burning scorch in 2 weeks time.
At the end is a safe haven where they are told they will receive a cure for the Flare.
The scorch is filled with insane people called cranks.
Cranks have been infected with the Flare & are in various stages of mental deterioration.
As the story progresses, the characters are put through a series of challenges and ultimately, only a handful are lucky enough to survive.
Cliff Hanger...
Plot (cont.)
The Gladers are put to trial by an organization called WICKED whose main purpose is to cure the Flare.
The organization takes the smart teens and puts them through horrendous trials
They map the teens' brain patterns for the purpose of finding a cure for the Flare.
Although some of the participants are immune, they don't realize that they are.
The goal is to compare the immune peoples brain patterns to the others to determine what differs in the immune people vs. the normal people in order to develop an effective cure.
Michael Asorian Presents:
The story begins where book one left off.
The Gladers have escaped the Maze & are transported to an area they assume is safe - the dorm.
They soon find out how wrong they were.
The group is informed they have been infected with a virus called the "FLARE" which is a disease that slowly destroys your mind and ultimately turns you into a zombie-like character called a "Crank"

The book ends with Thomas being separated from the others.

They are told that the Flare is too deeply rooted in him and Teresa communicated this to Thomas telepathically.

" (Dashner 358).

This quote can be traced back to book one when Teresa wrote this on her arm prior to having her memory erased.
The Scorch Trials
is a futuristic, dystopian novel set somewhere on earth. The book alludes to the fact that the area where Thomas and the others are located was formally Mexico.

1. Dormitory: the initial setting as the story opens and the place where Thomas, Teresa, and the other Gladers are taken following their rescue from the Maze in book one of the series.

2. Desert: one of the 1st places in a series of obstacles that the characters must overcome. The desert is unbearably hot with extreme storms and deadly lightening.

3. City: sits upon the desert in an area that was formerly Mexico. It is used as a holding area for victims infected with the Flare.

4. Mountains: border the desert - filled with trees and caves. One of the caves was transformed into a gas chamber that Thomas is forced into by Teresa and Aris

5. Safe Zone: final destination for survivors where they battle robotic creatures and board a Berg taking them to safety.

Main Character - protagonist

Thomas proves to be the moral compass and source of reason for both his group and for group B.

"He'd just killed a man. He'd taken the life of another person. His insides felt full of poison" (Dashner 196).

This quote exemplifies his character - even though he kills a Crank in self defense he cannot help but feel sick that he took a human life
Teresa is the only girl from book one.

She can communicate telepathically with Thomas.

She pretends to betray Thomas per WICKED's orders.

Although she tells Thomas this was to save his life, he never quite forgives her.

Aris is a member of Glade Group B

He replaces Teresa for the Scorch Trials.

He is also able to communicate telepathically with Thomas.

Aris later works with Teresa to betray Thomas with the intent to kill him as per WICKED's orders....or at least that is what Thomas believed.
Newt is a member of the Gladers and a survivor of the Maze.

Like Thomas, he is trustworthy.

Thomas is Newt's main confidant.
He is the declared leader of the Gladers.

Minho is severely burned by a fire sparked by lightening but ultimately survives.
Jorge controls a group of Cranks in the city.

Jorge agrees to spare the life of Thomas and the other.

He guides them through the City, in exchange for a chance to be cured from the Flare.
Harriet is a member of Group B.

She is also one of the twenty girls that survived the Maze.

She and the other girls decide to spare Thomas's life.

Harriet is also one of the final survivors of the Scorch Trials.
Ava Paige is the Chancellor of the government that has created WICKED.

She is portrayed as cold and calculating and believes the ends justify the means.
1. Family
Throughout the entire book, the Gladers take care of each other. In a way, they have become each others surrogate family. Their mutual trust is imperative for survival.

2. Survival
The only way the Gladers can get through the Scorch and be cured is by surviving each trial and making it to the safe zone. The entire book is based on a series of outlandish challenges to overcome

3. Friendship vs. Betrayal
The dominant theme is friendship because the Gladers have to develop loyalty, concern, and compassion for one another in order to survive the horrible dilemma they find themselves in. Time and time again Minho and the others stand behind Thomas. Although Teresa and Aris are portrayed as betraying Thomas, in actuality they are aiding in his survival.

"If Thomas is going to croak and die, it wasn't supposed to be from a bloody infection" (Dashner 248). This quote portrays the concern that Newt and the other Gladers had for Thomas's well being. This also shows that even WICKED cares in some way about these "test subjects" because they intervened in order to save Thomas from the gunshot wound.

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