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"The Million Dollar Shot"

No description

Hunter Baldwin

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of "The Million Dollar Shot"

Characters of "The Million Dollar Shot:
Eddie Ball-good basketball player but can't play good under pressure. Lives in a trailer park with his mom and she works for Finkle Foods
Annie- bald headed African American girl.Annie is stubborn sometimes; and lives in the same trailer park as Eddie. She lives with her dad. He works for Finkle Foods
Eddie's Mom- Eddie's mom and got fired from Finkle Foods eventually in the book.
Annie's Dad Stokely- Dad of Annie He is also fired from Finkle Foods later in the book.He is also the one going to coach Eddie for the million dollar shot.
George Finkle-The owner of Finkle food and are the enemy of the story. He is the one hosting the million dollar shot. He tries to talk Eddie out of the shot so if he makes it he doesn't have to pay him.

Rising Action
The rising action of "The Million Dollar Shot" even though Eddie had a lot of obstacles in his life. He eventually realizes how much that a million dollar will help him and Annie's family. George Finkle tries to bribe him but Eddie says that he is going to do the million dollar shot.
The exposition in this story is a boy that lives with his mom; in a trailer park with little room. He meets a new neighbor Annie and her dad (later will be his coach) while playing basketball.The two of them play basketball together and see a sign saying the million dollar shot contest "send in a poem" talking about Finkle Foods."
The setting of this story is in a very small town where almost everyone works for the same person(Finkle Foods). It is also during basketball season;. Eventually they are in a basketball stadium with thousands of people yelling air ball while Eddie was trying to shoot the million dollar shot.
Hunter Baldwin
"The Million Dollar Shot"

The conflict of this story is when George Finkle (host of million dollar shot) starts to mess and sabotage Eddie's shooting so he doesn't have to pay him. George pays these kids to paint his basketball goals and made the backboard lean over. Once he gets to the shot Eddie was food poisoned by George!!

The theme of "The Million Dollar Shot" is no matter what circumstances your in it can all ways get better by hard work and practice (for the million dollar shot). Also focus on what you are doing, not matter what other people are doing.
Falling Action
The falling action is after (SPOILER ALERT) Eddie makes the million dollar shot and get a million dollars!! Once he gets the money Finkle Foods goes out of business; Eddie and his mom buys the business/building. Then he made the place a healthy food company and his mom is the inventor of the products he sends out.
The resolution of the book is right after the conflict of the book. After George tries to mess him up but Eddie still makes the shot. George ask him where is he gonna live Eddie tells him "There will be a trailer for sale for u to buy."
The climax of the story is when Eddie makes the shot and everything is going his way he wants it to. His mom and Annie's dad start to go out on dates. It was a surprise to both of them when they saw them kissing.
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