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Death Penalty

No description

Darien Robinson

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Death Penalty

Death Penalty
Darien Robinson Causes of the death Penalty are:
heinous crimes committed by people
possibly false evidence presented by the prosecution
the stae law where the crime was commited.

This is one of the many ways that people were sentenced to death. Americans have the right to a trial even if there is no unbelieveable doubt that the defendant committed the crime.
He or she must recieve a fair and speedy trial.
Even though the U.S.A has taken strides to get ride of race in the courtroom some people still believe that it still exist. However it is there silently. The government has also made strides to get rid of the bias that women cannot be charged with the death penalty when in fact they can and have been charged with it. I think that the government shouldn't get rid of the death penalty but should allow the criminals the choice of choosing life in prison or the death sentence. If the person had enough thought to create the crime than they should choose their own fate. However if a person commits a crime against the eldery or children then their choice shall be taken away, because crimes against those two groups of people are simple unbearable. Effects of the death penalty are:
family members heart broken over lost of a loved one
Or simply the death of human being maybe even an innocent man
More political power for the government
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