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Synecdoche in The Crucible

No description

ross barramen

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Synecdoche in The Crucible

The judgement in which those convicted of witchery receive is nothing compared or the judgement after the hangings, whether they travel to heaven or hell.

Why Witch craft
With the sighting of Abigail and her friends dancing in the woods, a forbidden action in earlier times, the towns people search for someone to blame for her actions other than the obvious. Abigail blames the devil for her actions and random innocent towns folk are accused to cover up Abigail's guilty conscience.

“Let you fear nothing! Another judgement awaits us all!”

Why this sentence?
It alludes to the new testament of the bible where the Rapture, or "Judgement Day", saying that you should not worry about the problem at hand, but the bigger picture of your life as a whole.
Why This Word Order?
The word order of this is quote is extremely important because if a few of the words were switched the meaning would not be the same. If a few of the words were switched the meaning of being judged would not be the same. It wouldn't show how they fear what's about to happen to them and how they know they are innocent and will be judged to heaven or hell.
McCarthyism and This Quote
This quote is linked to McCarthyism and the Red Scare. It leads to where the people during that time period should not fear communism, for that they will soon enough be falsely convicted and judged for being a communist themselves
After the trials
After the court hearings and accusations of who is to be deemed a witch, John Procter is given a chance out of his false accusation of being a witch and lie by saying he worked with the devil. John keeps his pride and chooses to hang because he knows judgment after his life has greater importance.
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