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Crunch Corporate Personal Training (PT)

Crunch Conference Prezi

Presentation Geeks

on 24 November 2017

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Transcript of Crunch Corporate Personal Training (PT)

Personal Trainer

Our Hello! training and how it’s delivered is important because it lays a strong foundation for understanding the powerful attributes that make Crunch unique and different from any other health club experience
It's all about SOUL
Class starts promptly at 9am each day

Take notes - There is an exam on the final day.

"No Phubbing"

There will be plenty of breaks

Eating/Drinking during lectures is allowed - be mindful of others

Everyone gets to be involved. Collaboration makes this fun!

You are expected to stay in class for the full duration of the day

Introduce Yourself
Create a 60 second speech about yourself:
Crunch History
Crunch Core Values
What's At Our Core?



Innovative, Alternative, Fun


Gymspiration 2014
Gymspiration 2015
Gymspiration 2016
Comparing the Pictures
Create three different "pictures" of interactions between clients & professionals. You will have 10 minutes to complete.
What is Crunchology? -
The study of "The Crunch Way".
Next Time You See Them
Making The First Contact
At Crunch, we are:
You should not have any scheduled KOs/ PT sessions on class days

Keep classroom clean

Get to know your company & team
Training vs Working out
Good Sales vs Bad Sales
Review of 3 Days
Our Expanding Footprint
Look Book + Crunch Live
- Keith Worts,
When people think about creating the best brands in the world, most of the time, they think about a company’s logo or how the product or experience made them feel. And while those elements are critical in creating a strong company, I believe what separates good brands from great brands are the people that work for the company.

Yup, that’s you. HELLO!
And, if you really want to achieve something special with a company, you first need to establish the right expectations for your team members. Then, you need to communicate those expectations. Finally, you need to hold people accountable to those expectations. If you do these three things, you are on your way to creating something special.

Our HELLO training is all about getting you started off with the right set of expectations as a Crunch Team Member.

We have an incredible group of people that work for Crunch and we are thrilled have you join us. So dig in, get your HELLO! on, a do something special with your time at Crunch.
Crunch PT on Facebook
Join the
Crunch PT Private FB Group
"Friend" the instructors on FB and they will add you to the Group
Communication on the latest info & events
You will get:
Don't miss out! Join us today!
Each group will be assigned one picture to work on

Don't talk to the other group

When done, we will compare the pictures
Group 1:
What does
sales look like?
Group 2:
What does
sales look like?
5 minutes early to your appointment is on time.
Uniform on. Workout prepared. Clipboard/Tablet in hand.
100% focus on your client. How are they feeling? What's going on in the gym space around you?
Always bring excitement and enthusiasm
Having high moral character, worthy of admiration, excellent
Crunch Live
Two Objectives:
1. To
something about the person
2. To
them in some way
Introduce yourself in a friendly way
Interrupt their set

Tell them they are doing it wrong

Try to "sell" them anything
Say Hi!

Call them by their first name

Ask how it's going

Give them another tip on meeting their goals.

Gauge their interesting in learning more

Repeat the same process until you think they're ready to make an appointment
Lower the defenses
Transition From The Floor
Service Tips
Coaching Clients To Success
What you do not coach on will hurt you
Tips of The Trade
Pitfalls To Avoid
Who is dotFIT?
Our Mission
Why Nutrition In Our Gyms?
Facts on Exercise, Weight Loss & Weight Gain: #1 Health Problem
#1 Health Problem & #1 Goal is Weight/ Fat Loss
A Simple Program For All Goals
Just 7 minutes to everything you need to reach your goal.
The Program -
4 Pillars of Fitness
The 3 P's That Make The Difference
dotFIT - Solving the 3
Mass Market Facts
The Problems With Mass Market Supplements
dotFIT - The 3 P's
Look Book
Comparing the Pictures
People Buy From People They Like & Trust
Before the appointment - set the tone and build rapport
Greet the client at the front desk - show them where to go and get ready
Before you start, set the agenda
The best time to confirm an appointment is 1PM the day before the appointment
Set expectations for the hour - everyone on same page
Let client know where to meet you - front desk
Get medical history, Discuss goals, take measurements & assess posture
Go through a workout based on their needs
Put together a game plan to reach their goals
Client Interview
Ask the right open-ended questions in the beginning
Everything is optional
Make it a conversation - Don't just read off the sheet

Dig deep!

Don't be a robot
It is their Kick-off session
Kickoff Form
Baseline measurements to track progress
Make it fun!
"Now that we've learned about your goals and how you move,
it's time to put together a game plan on how to achieve their goals"
Compliment them on their great work!

Ask if they have any questions

Restate their goals

Professionally present your services

Introduce your FM for a TO
Understand today's client and all of their challenges
Service Tips
Be FLAWLESS on the
T.R.A.I.N. Model

Deliver ALL
4 Pillars
at every session

Ask your client what is and isn't working for them in their program

Provide "homework" for days that they are not with you

Print out "knowledge builders" on topics you discuss

Give your client a card for birthdays, achieving a goal or being consistent
Building the value of you - The one stop shop
Luxury vs Lifestyle
Create a consistent workout schedule with your client

Ensure every session is focused on THEIR goals and progress
You are responsible to convey the fact that food intake, rest, supplementation, and exercise all work together to achieve their results
The client's present lifestyle is directly related to their current condition
Coaching Do's:
Clearly explain what is necessary to achieve the client's goals

Coach them on their other 23 hours of the day without you - Nutrition, Exercise and Movement and Dietary Support

Be specific

Give homework in between appointments

Hold your client accountable. Inspect what you expect by reassessing on progress and monitoring food logs

Do not assume your client knows anything about fitness

Do not provide vague instructions - Avoid saying "some", "more", "a little"

Don’t spend the entire 50 minutes out on the floor, leaving no time to connect with your client on how the program is going, assigning homework, and addressing any areas that may need to be reviewed such as nutrition and dietary support
Coaching Don'ts:
Day 2 Preview
Be proactive vs reactive
Add a minimum of a new client a month even if your schedule is full
Be enthusiastic about every aspect of your client’s program! They will follow your lead!
Business lives and dies in the details. Ensure you are being attentive to what your client wants and needs
How to fail as a Trainer in 6 easy steps:
1. Underestimating the Challenge:
We sell an intangible product

We sell a LIFESTYLE to people who may not yet want it

We get lost in the "UBER" instead of focusing on the destination

"Keep the goal the goal!" - Dan John
2. THEY are not YOU!
They are not going to meal prep all their meals on Sunday night or count their macros.
3. Paralysis by Analysis
Overanalyzing the ingredients in a bar or shake

Being too critical of your clients form to where you inhibit them from getting a workout because they haven’t gotten it perfect yet
Pitfalls To Avoid
How to fail as a Trainer in 6 easy steps:
4. The minority become the majority
“I have ALL the broke people”, “ALL of my clients are on vacation”, “NONE of my clients believe in taking supps”
5. Trainer loses sight of the "big picture"
Blaming lack of success on types of equipment available or not wanting to train anyone who is not motivated
6. It becomes a job!
If you wake up and dread going to the gym to support other people train to achieve goals….then it might be time to hang up your trainer jersey and get a desk job
You have been selected to be a part of an
company and team!
DotFIT Platform

Training vs Working Out


Corrective Exercise Continuum


Dietary Support
Body Composition

Circumference Measurements

Overhead Squat Assessment
Foam Rolling

Stretching - Static + Partner Stretching

Corrective Exercises
What are the skills?
List what you feel are the 5 most important and valuable Communication Skills; Rank them in order of importance
By yourself, identify 5 communication skills, and then rank them in order of importance. Then we will discuss your answers as a large group.
Key Communication Skills
1. Questioning
2. Listening
3. Acknowledging
4. Digging deeper
5. Recommending
(offering solutions)
101 Questions
We Can Ask Our Clients
To make visible all the questions we can ask a client who is
interested in PT
Ground Rules:
Each small group gets in line

One at a time, run up to your flipchart and write a question with a marker pen.

If you "freeze" teammates can help!

Then pass the baton/marker to your team mates

Be sure to number each question

No duplicate questions

Must be a complete question

The winning team will have the
Relay Race (6 minutes)
"Opening" Your Questions
Closed Version:
"Have you had trouble reaching your workout goals?"
"Well, yeah. Duhh!"
Likely Answer:
What We Need:
To get more specific information and get the client talking.

Open Version:
"What kinds of trouble have you had reaching your workout goals?"
"I’ve had troubles with X, Y, Z, etc."
Likely Answer:
Lots of good information we can use!
Go back to your Team’s list and label those questions which were open and those which were closed and tally up the total.
Gallery Walk
Change one closed question to an open ended question.
Change 1 of your questions into an alternate choice question.
Having Fun with Open Questions
Game lasts 5 minutes - Stay at your tables

Tallest person is "It" and stands while others stay in their chairs.

Person on the left of the tallest person asks first question "What do you want to get out of personal training?"

Based on response, keep going in a circle asking questions and gathering information

You become "It" if you:
Make a statement

Ask a closed question

Freeze up when it’s your turn

Repeat a question
How hard was it to stay in the “open” questioning mode?

Were you surprised at how much you learned about the client?

How did this feel compared to what people usually think of as “selling”?

Having Fun with Open Questions
The more you
someone something; the more likely they are to resist it.

The more you ask the right questions and let them
themselves on it; the more likely they will see it as a great idea and embrace it!

Telling is NOT selling!

Consultative Selling 101
Slow Down and Listen!
We can
words a minute!
We can
words a minute!
We need to “slow down our brains” and really listen!
Climbing A-L-A-DD-E-R



Dig Deeper


To give us some practice using the method
Get in a pair:
Person 1 asks an Open question to get things started

Person 2 responds as the client

Person 1 “climbs the ladder” to learn all he/she can about client

After 2 minutes, switch roles!
Pair Up

You will take turns asking each other the questions on the front of the Kickoff Card

Provide Feedback to one another

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

We will debrief

You have 6 minutes each max!

Consultative Selling 101
Everything you tell me, can, and will be used to assist you!
Goal Assessment Questions Role Play
Practice, Practice and more Practice

Understanding that there are
when the sale is made or broken

are often those times of high anxiety usually fueled by the defenses of the prospect being raised

Money is made and lives are changed in those moments of anxiety. This is where

"Kickoff Session" Tips
The key to any sales interaction is:
What is the difference between a personal trainer and a workout artist?

What is a complete fitness program?

Why should someone pay $100+ per hour to train with you?

Selling A Program vs Sessions
Fit Grid
Recap the Goals with the What, Why, When approach
Review what they learned about the 4 Pillars today
Then Fit Grid:
“Maps out” a program plan with the client with an alternate of choice approach

Gets the client involved in the process by addressing 3 ways that people learn/connect

Weekly targets for weight loss: 1-2 lbs per week

Weekly targets for muscle gain: 0.25 lbs for females | 0.5 lbs for males

Only options presented are 2 x’s per week or 3 x’s per week based on the client’s schedule

Sell your Level. Your Level should never come into play here

Fit Grid
Verbally, Visually, and Kinesthetically
At The Crossroads
Once you've made a recommendation, the client must decide:
Do they improve their life?

Do they continue on with the old routine?
Your job is to help them make the right decision!

What Not To Do
Helping people is not about using tactics:
So if they make move X, we make move Y.

That’s exactly what makes people feel pressured!
Instead, it’s all about a genuine desire to put yourself in their shoes and help them!

“Open” questions are designed to:

Open questions can't be answered by a simple “Yes/No”

They begin with words like "What, How, When, Where, Why"
Open a dialogue

Get the customer talking

Reveal information

Open Questions
Closed Questions
“Closed” questions are designed to:

Closed questions are answered by a simple “Yes/No”

They begin with words like "Is, Does, Can, Do, Are"
Get basic information

Control the conversation

Confirm agreement/understanding
Alternate of Choice Questions
“Alternate of Choice” questions are designed to:

Alternate of Choice questions are answered by options provided

They begin with words like "Which, Would "x" or "y"
Direct a question based on the response you want

Narrow down options

Get a commitment from 2 choices


Alternate of Choice
Climbing A-L-A-DD-E-R
A request for more info

Masking a fear of failure
A Few Home Truths
This is the critical point where you will either help the client or not

Accepting a no and moving on is selling out on your client ever achieving their goals

Hearing No is Part of Getting to Yes
You can always ask 1 more question!

– really listen!!

– (Feel, Felt, Found)

Overcome with Logic
(This is where your questions you asked are HUGE!!)

– on their goal – (AGAIN; your questions are HUGE here!!)

Ask for the sale again!

Overcoming Objections Approach
Each group will be assigned a concern. You will have 3 minutes to generate as many questions as you can come up with to overcome the objection.
Failing to do so is one of the biggest reasons why Personal Trainers aren’t successful.

You want to use a closed OR alternate of choice question here, then be quiet!

At this point, one of two things will happen:

If there still is a concern, you can always ask one more open ended question
Asking For The Business
Partner up

2 round of practice: 10 minutes each

Each person will take turns playing:
"Fit Grid" Role Play
Personal Trainer Objectives
Lessons Learned
Renewals start from the time you first meet the client
First impression is everything

Set expectations from day one

People buy based off emotion
PT Business Tips
The 8 to 1 rule
On average, you will need to schedule
8 kickoffs
in order to gain 1 new client:
4 of those 8 will show
1 of those 4 will purchase
Failure to meet and ask enough people is one of the top reasons for failure
Crunch PT Referral Program
Know anyone who is interested in being a PT at Crunch?
Want to make some easy $$$ ?!?
You will receive 5% of that new hire PT’s Total Sales for their first 90 days

Some payouts have been as high as $3000!!

Get the name and info to your FM TODAY!
People will almost always say "No." If they don't say it overtly, they will use some form of "delaying tactic."
This is almost always either:
Our job is to:
Show some empathy and make them feel confident they will succeed!

Understand their real concerns

Provide information, and show our level of commitment

Remind them of the reasons to buy PT

Average trainers allow “no” to pierce them like an arrow and deflate their motivation to continue enrolling the client into a program
Overcoming Objections Questions
On a flipchart:
Group 2 -
Group 3 -
Group 4 -
Think About It
Group 5 -
We will review all the responses as a group when we are completed.
After you work through the client issue, you must ask for the business!
The client will say “Yes.” Hooray!

The client will have another problem.
People will never buy something that is not offered to them

First one to talk in sales loses

Be confident with your service

Know your rates

Do not think with your wallet

3 “NO’s”

Ask Again

Keys To Asking For Your Sale
The Personal Trainer

The Client
2 minute “prep” period:

6 minute role play

2 minutes of feedback:
"Fit Grid" Role Play
Personal Trainer reviews/prepares

Client studies role
Client says, “how it felt"
Establish rapport

ID client objectives

Acknowledge understanding
Use A-L-A-DD-E-R and communication skills to:

Then present an alternative of choice using your Fit Grid

Then deal with one client issue/problem using “overcoming objections” method
Rules For Giving Feedback
How did the Personal Trainer make you


What was

How did it go using your communication skills?

How did it go when you had to help the client make a good decision?

Where do you need most practice/help?

How do you think your clients will react to this approach?

Renewals don’t just happen by accident
Own the three S’s

Science, Service, Success
Selling personal training is all based on building rapport and trust with the client

Great client relationships begin by asking the right questions and listening

We sell Personal Training PROGRAMS, not personal training sessions

You are going to hear “no” a lot. Don’t take it personally. Listen and overcome with logic

The renewal conversation begins on the first interaction

Multiple choice

Covers all 3 days plus pre-course work

70% passing

CONTROL your business
Know how many sessions you would like to be servicing and figure out how many clients you need. Then figure out how many KOs you need to book to get there
OWN your renewal %s
If they buy it once…they almost always buy again when the service is right
8 out of 10 clients should be renewing
Other PTs who are successful are not “just lucky”
Ask them for feedback or tips on how they have been successful
Refer a PT Applicant to your FM who is selected / hired:
You will receive your payout on the 3rd paycheck following the new hires’ completion of their first 90 days. Both employees must be employed in good
standing at time of payout.

Key Topics From All 3 Days
We are in the service business

Build RELATIONSHIPS. Provide a great EXPERIENCE. Follow the PROCESS.

Nutrition is critical to your clients achieving success

Dietary Support fills in the gaps and speeds up the process

Assessments are necessary to have a starting point, build a personalized program, and track progress

Using the Fit Grid, creates a visual for your clients to see the program that is right for them

Written Exam
Each week will have a new focus/task that must be completed and signed off on by your FM

Due in 90 days to your FM

Have FUN!!!

Scavenger Hunt
Evidence-based Nutrition

Professional Product Line

Foundation of Personal Training Service
Your fitness and nutrition system partner
We are your R&D Team
Fit the Program to the person, not the person to the Program.. by using the appropriate
To deliver a complete evidence-based platform that allows anyone to experience health and fitness benefits
on their terms
What percentage of the population goes to a Health Club?
Do all gym members stay?
stop going within the
first 2 months!
#1 Reason:
Why do they quit?
Lack of Results
Ask Yourself:
How long would you continue to workout if you didn't get the
you needed, or see the
you wanted?
There are 24 hours in a day
90% of members & prospective members desire weight/fat loss
Latest exercise and weight study
- JAMA March 2010
34,000 participants and 13 years later*

Average weight GAIN of 6lbs
13.3% of those who gained slightly less but still GAINED, performed 60min/day, 420min/week of exercise & were normal weight at the start.
Conclusion from Study
If we want to set our clients up to reach their goals in the quickest and most efficient matter possible, we HAVE TO provide both nutrition and exercise-based interventions in the context of a cohesive program.
Facts on Exercise, Weight Loss & Weight Gain: Earlier studies documented the same
Earlier studies documented the same
Control group and the exercise-only participants have almost same outcome (loss: 0-2LBS in 6 months)

Diet alone group lost 19.8LBS in 6 months
90% of people who lose weight through a nutrition only intervention gain the weight back AND MORE!

Diet & exercise lost 22LBS in 6 months
Bottom line:
unless you can do an hour a day and you are NOT overweight or desire to lose fat, you will need food planning (calorie restriction). If you ARE overweight or want to lose fat, you HAVE to food plan.
3. Dietary Support
dotFIT - The Difference You Want & Need
2. Make it
Dosages & forms match clinical trials
Shown safe in trials and history, screening & ingredient synergy, individualized personal recommendations
No secrets. Full disclosure. We got your back.
The products will work as claimed

Good manufacturing process

We must match the ingredients, their forms and amounts, and dosing instructions shown to be effective in clinical trials using 3rd Party studies.
50% mislabeled; 29% contaminated

62% of US manufactures do NOT follow GMPs

In addition, most are under-formulated
dotFIT - The 3 P's
Make it
The products are safe as recommended
Medical screening

Only those that achieve Safe and Optimal Nutrient Range

Personal Individualized recommendations
If we make it, it works.
Purity: Free of contaminants or impurities

Potency: Ingredient amounts are exactly as on label
1. Manufactured in pharmaceutically-licensed FDA-regulated and NSF certified facilities following GMP

2. Multiple 3rd party tests from raw material to finished product
1. History of ingredient safety and shown safe in clinical trials

2. Nutrient synergy with diet and other products to assure no nutrient overages or adverse events
dotFIT - The 3 P's
Full disclosure. No secrets.

Accurate product claims and potential precautions

We got your back. We are here to support and help. Please contact us anytime you have a question or concern..

Ask and you shall receive
Practioner Dietary Supplement Reference Guide
Pillar 3 Takeaway
Dietary Support is a necessary part of your clients' programs. It compliments and enhances their results.

It fills in the gaps of their nutrient profile.

dotFIT is a program company, not a supplement company.

dotFIT products are safe, effective, individualized to the client and proven to work.

The dotFIT Team has our back and offers unparalleled professional support (Kat@dotFIT.com)

No other dietary support program is backed by the extensive research that is packed into the PDSRG!
Calcium is necessary for strong bones

Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of Calcium

Magnesium aids in Calcium utilization
Men: 1000mg
Women: 1200mg
One pill contains 500mg
Most common source is direct sunlight (15min to 2 Hours depending on your skin color)

200IU in each pill
Important source of fatty acids found in fish (salmon, mackerel, albacore tuna, sardines, herring, trout)
Need 2-4 servings per week

Lowers triglycerides so good for the heart

Anti-inflammatory activity for joints

Great for the brain and nervous system to improve memory and mood

Proper ratio of EPA:DHA (360mg:240mg)

No fishy burps
Free radicals are unstable molecules that are caused by stress such as exercise, work, pollution, etc and can cause damage to healthy cells and tissue in the body

Antioxidants interact with the free radicals to stop the chain reaction before damage can occur
Can cause cancer, heart and eye disease, and aging
Type II Collagen forms a framework around the cartilage and provides stiffness and strength

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the main component of synovial fluid and contributes to its viscosity

Chondroitin Sulfate suppresses inflammatory mediators, inhibits cartilage degeneration, and stimulates extracellular matrix production
“Friendly bacteria” to keep a healthy intestinal tract

8 probiotic strains that are the most stable on the market

Is shelf stable so does not need to be refrigerated
Optimal Meal Timing
Why Assess?
Risk Stratification
You have to know your starting point in order to design a game plan to get you to the end result

Body Composition
Identifying a client’s health risk for excessively high or low levels of body fat
Some benefits of body composition testing include:
Skinfold Measurements
Indirect measure of adipose tissue through thickness of skin

Take a minimum of two measurements at each site

Be accurate when locating landmarks

Do not measure after exercise

Not effective on extremely obese clients

Overhead Squat Assessment
Corrective Exercise Continuum
Day 3 Preview
Active MV
Makes up for us and our food not being perfect

Controlled-release delivery to ensure that nutrients are available to be absorbed in the right part of the body and in the right amount

B vitamins to support in energy production

Iron to support in the transport of oxygen around the body
Superior Antioxidant
Ultra Probiotic
Cofactor in enzymes that regulate reactions in the body such as protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation

Required for energy production
Workout Extreme
Creatine Monohydrate supports in enhancing the ATP-PC system to prolong our ability to perform high intensity work for a short period of time resulting in an enhancement in strength, force production, and hypertrophy

Beta-Alanine buffers hydrogen ions which then delays fatigue during intense workouts

Glutamine is an anti-catabolic agent and cell volumizer
Also increases intracellular hydration status of muscle cells
Nitrosigine is a stabilized arginine silicate compound that increases arginine levels within 30 mins and keeps them elevated for 3 hours which results in vasodilation

L-Citrulline is converted to L-Arginine to increase nitric oxide production

Creatine Monohydrate

Beta-Alanine: shown to increase Carnosine (which is an intramuscular bugger of H+) which can delay fatigue during prolonged intense workouts
Allows more nutrients to get to the muscles quicker and waste products to be removed quicker
Perfect ratio of amino acids to be delivered in the metabolic window to enhance protein synthesis after a workout

Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Phenylalanine, Lysine, Threonine, Histadine, Methionine

Speeds Recovery
Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, Taurine, and Panax Ginseng provide the right combination to increase exercise focus, performance, and intensity

Helps give you the motivation you need on the “blah” days

No crash or jitteriness
Body Fat
Skin-fold caliper method
Durnin–Womersley formula’s four sites of measurement
Iliac crest
Vertical fold on the front of the arm over the bicep muscle

Halfway between the shoulder and the elbow

Vertical fold on the back of the upper arm, with the arm relaxed and held freely at the side

Halfway between the shoulder and the elbow

At a 45-degree angle, 1 to 2 cm below the inferior angle of the scapula
Iliac crest
At a 45-degree angle, just above the iliac crest and medial to the axillary line
Calculating Body Fat Percentages - http://www.linear-software.com/online.html
Body Composition
Another source of feedback used with clients who have the goal of altering body composition

Most important factor is consistency

Across the Adam’s apple
Across the nipple line

Or upper chest for women
At the narrowest point of the waist, below the rib cage and just above the top of the hip bones
With feet together, at the widest portion of the buttocks
Circumference Measurements
Take measurements on the same side of the body each time you test and retest
10 inches above the top of the patella, just below the buttocks
At the maximal circumference between the ankle and the knee
If there is no apparent narrowing of the waist, measure at the belly button
Remove shoes

Squat to chair height.

Repeat 10-15 times viewing at least 3 reps from each view.
Turns out
Views - Anterior
Moves inward or outward
Excessive forward lean
Views - Lateral
Lumbo-pelvic-hip complex
Low back arches
Views - Posterior
Foot Flattens
Heel Rises
Asymmetrical Weight Shift


Adductor Complex

Self Myofascial Release overactive muscles
Biceps Femoris (Short Head)


Latissimus Dorsi

Thoracic Spine
Static Stretch overactive/short muscles to restore proper length-tension relationships

Latissimus Dorsi


Upper Trapezius

Calf complex

Adductor complex

Biceps Femoris

Hip flexor complex
Use isolated strength training exercises to activate underactive/long muscles

Side Plank



Floor Bridge

Lateral Band Walks
the human movement system back into a functional synergistic movement system

Functional Training
Nutrition is 100% responsible for your clients' weight loss and weight gain

Assess your clients' nutrition, have them do a 3-day food log and recommend the appropriate dietary support to fill in the nutrient gaps and support their goals

Assessments are necessary to have a starting point for your client and to ensure progress can be monitored

The overhead squat assessment can support you in designing a program tailored specifically for your client

The Corrective Exercise Continuum consists of the following steps:
Inhibit, Lengthen, Activate, Integrate
Enrollment of clients into programs

Fitgrid Training

Overcoming Objections
Volume 1:
Partner with your membership TEAM
Volume 2:
Racking weights

Offering towels

Saying hello and being PRESENT AND APPROACHABLE
Volume 2:
Take GF Classes and introduce yourself to the instructors
Give them a High Five or say “good job”. Everyone likes to be recognized for doing something good
Volume 2:
“Love the one your with” and ask them for more people to love
If you are getting great results for your clients, they love talking about you. Ask them to refer friends, family members, and co-workers who might benefit from working with you as well
Crunch Service
Building your Clientele Base
Body Comp/Circumference Measurements
Static Stretching
Partner Stretching
Corrective Exercise
Communication Skills
Fit Grid Training
Overcoming Objections
Crunch Philosophy
Of all the great histories of all the great health clubs, Crunch’s began modestly in a basement level aerobics studio in New York City’s East Village circa 1989.
This first location had no locker rooms, the air conditioning didn’t work and after hours break-ins were perennial events.
Despite all that, Crunch’s mission was simple and clear, to make fitness fun, create workouts that were innovative and entertaining and to do it all in an environment where everyone felt welcome.
We now have over 120+ unique locations across the globe with many more on the way.
Group 3:
What does
personal training look like?
People do not receive the necessary nutrients from diet alone
They are working out with us, so their nutrient needs will increase
To fill the gap that is left, the solution is to provide the body with calorie-less nutrients, hence supplements
dotFIT spends the extra resources necessary to manufacture every product within FDA regulated laboratories, receive 3rd Party Testing on all ingreadients, achieve the coveted NSF Certification and even pass the strictest standards of Health Canada.
What is on the label is 100% within the product
Inhibitory techniques
Self-myofascial release
Lengthening techniques
Static stretching

Neuromuscular stretching
Activation techniques
Positional isometrics

Isolated Strengthening
Integration techniques
Integrated dynamic movement
Be able to "like" or vote on things like equipment purchases and educational offerings at Crunch
Access to training videos
Special contests/ raffles
Use their name
Have conversations, not sales pitches
Be genuine, show them you care
Be available
Be patient
Maintain your relationships
Provide AWESOME Crunch service to your past, present, and future clients…live the T.R.A.I.N.
Demonstrate great customer service
Get to know everyone that works with you in the gym.

Take the membership advisors through a workout
Set past clients on follow up appointments for reassessments/check-ins

Say HELLO and smile at ALL members

Keep the gym clean
Ask what they are working on today
Ask if you can show them a "technique" on how to achieve their goal
Thank them for their time
Remember their name
Acknowledge members for their consistency, completing an exercise, or working hard today in the gym
Keep track of your client’s progress and create walking advertisements
Further your education and apply what you learn
Workout at your club and do new, fun, and cutting-edge exercises that attract attention and interest
Live a fitness lifestyle—practice what you preach
Share your passion and enthusiasm with everyone
Notice members who are wearing past fitness event shirts, such as races, figure/bodybuilding competitions, or anything sports related and ask them how they did

Yield and maximize results
Protect from injury
Tie in Measurements and movement assessment to client's personal goals
Make it
from their normal routine
by providing cueing for them to really feel the movements like never before
Relate everything back to
their goals and assessments
Teach the
4 Pillars
on the floor
Monitor their
body language
Ask for
Our goals - Impact as many people as possible through fitness and make a living while doing it
Provide the same great service to everyone - do not pick and choose
Creating the renewal from session one by outlining what it takes to achieve their goal using the fit grid.
80% of Americans don't meet government recommendations for physical activity

Most want to achieve results but are not ready to change their lifestyle

Most eat too much and move too little
People will knowingly pay more if there is perceived value
Coaching a lifestyle and being a workout artist are two TOTALLY different things
Passion & Belief must first begin with you
We are in the
We are also in the business of enacting behavioral and lifestyle change, not just delivering "workouts"
Everything centers around relationships and staying focused on your clients’ wants and needs
Nutrition plans allow exercise to work as desired - i.e. diet is 100% responsible for exercise-induced body composition gains, this can be the difference between staying or leaving.
Exercise alone is not a weight/fat loss solution
Identify Weaknesses/Imbalances/Dysfunctions
Identify Starting Point
Promoting a client’s understanding of body fat
Monitoring changes in body composition
Helping estimate healthy body weight for clients and athletes
Assisting in exercise program design
Views - Anterior
Views - Lateral
Views - Posterior
Circumference Measurements
At the maximal circumference of the biceps, measure with arm extended, palm facing forward

Low back rounds
Shoulder complex
Arms fall forward
Group 1 -
Try it on my own
Kickoff card
When the body gains fat, so does the liver resulting in sluggish performance

Milk Thistle basically cleans out the liver by improving circulation and enhancing its regenerative ability

Choline is a lipotropic that removes fat from the liver

Enhances the efficiency of the liver
White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus Vulgaris) blocks the enzyme that breaks down carbs and allows them to be absorbed into your body

Citrus Pectin is a fiber to slow gastric emptying so it keeps food in your stomach longer giving you the sensation of feeling full

Supports in portion control and taking away the constant thought of “what am I going to be eating next”
Liver Support
Carb Repel
Increases thermogenesis, REE (Resting Energy Expenditure), the desire to move and decreases appetite thru Caffeine, Yerba Mate, Guarana Seeds, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Cayenne Fruit

L-Theanine decreases the jitteriness effect
Fat Loss
Designed for optimal health, these products deliver essential nutrients to keep you in top form.
Liver Support
Carb Repel
Designed for optimal health, these products deliver essential nutrients to keep you in top form.
Active MV
Workout Extreme
Designed for optimal health, these products deliver essential nutrients to keep you in top form.
Superior Antioxidant
Meal Replacement
Designed for optimal health, these products deliver essential nutrients to keep you in top form.
Ultra Probiotic
Home Club
Where you're from
One fun fact
Later in the week we will be diving into the initial assessment process known as
the Kickoff
Which One is Most Appropriate?
Meal Replacement
There are no judgments here: no too much or not enough - no glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way. What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone; all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to reach them with us. Crunch. No Judgments.
As you heard, there is no question that this value is the key to succeeding in our industry. It seems simple, and it can
be: a shift in our tone of voice, a slight change in our facial expressions, adding a ‘thank you’, ‘please’, or i’m sorry’ to a
challenging situation means so much.
RESPONSIBLE means a lot of different things to people, which is why it is important to think about the words we use to define it (trustworthy, accountable, empowered, consistent, ‘on- it’)

Being responsible isn’t just about being on time to work or re-racking weights. It can mean following up with a training client to make sure they are feeling okay after a workout, or taking ownership when a situation arrises that may not be your fault. We’re responsible for making sure our staff, members and coworkers are and feel
POUND is one of Crunch’s classes that embodies both of these core values equally. Creating weighted drumsticks and incorporating that into a musically and athletically driven workout was incredibly innovative, but it was also alternative in that it’s a non-traditional exercise that is edgy and has a cool, rockstar vibe.
Passion can be demonstrated in a number of different ways, by extraordinary people in highly dramatic situations, or by people championing a worthy cause. You can also see it when ordinary people try to achieve more than expected.

As we think about the passionate people we work with, it is important to think about our members. They are incredibly
passionate too, especially about how, when and where they workout. It’s important for us to recognize that so they
continue to be passionate about our brand.
Practitioner Dietary Supplement Reference Guide
(in a first time interaction)
Fundamental Movements




Creating the Renewal From Session 1
Begin EVERY new client with the assumption that you will train them forever
The client will be attracted to your confidence and commitment
You cannot accomplish the mission of changing someone’s life in 5 hours
Talk to your clients in assumptive, futuristic terms and always beyond the current package of sessions
A to Z
EVERYONE is a Client
It is Just a Matter of Which Type
A-Z Client
Leveling Up
Give clients proper notice
Utilize your newly acquired skills to show the new value of your services
Coaching a lifestyle and being a workout artist are two TOTALLY different things
Leveling Up Template
Conducted at the first session of every 1st time purchaser while the client is performing cardio

1) Using assumptive terms that this client will be your client until they tell you otherwise

2) Allowing the client time to go home and consider their finances, discuss it with their spouse in advance and to review the pricing that you provide to them upfront

3) Showing a true interest in the client’s TOTAL goal instead of just going through the motions of what they already purchased

4) Presenting future training without ever even having to mention pricing

When done properly you are:
Mr./Mrs. Jones, as you are (completing your cardio) I would like to first congratulate you on taking this positive step toward your fitness goals and long term great health. You should be proud of yourself. I have always believed that the biggest barrier to great health and fitness is simply procrastination. You have already conquered that, so the rest is easy!

Mr. / Mrs. Jones I take my role as a personal trainer very seriously and I want to discuss with you what it means to me for you to be my client. I really have 2 different types of clients and we need to determine for our long-term success together which type you want and / or need to be. It is important for us to establish what it will take from both of us now, to ensure your success in fitness; wouldn’t you agree?” (YES!)

My first type of client Mr. / Mrs. Jones is what I like to call my Roadmap client. These are those clients who come to me and say: ‘you know (your name) I don’t really need you to be right by my side the entire way to my goal; I just need you to draw the roadmap and educate me enough to get there on my own.’ Now for you Mr./Mrs. Jones that will mean right around (insert sessions here, probably realistically between 20-50 sessions depending on the client).

What I want you to do over the next couple of sessions Mr. / Mrs. Jones is start to think of which type of client you want to be. Ask yourself things like:
“What has or has not worked for me in the past?”
“What lead me to this point in my personal fitness?”
“What do I want to get out of personal training?”
“How much accountability will I need?

Whichever you choose, I will support your decision 150%. For your reference, here are your pricing options. As your personal trainer, it makes no difference to me how you purchase the sessions. You can purchase them in packs of 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 at a time; whichever orks best for you and your budget. Discuss this with your spouse and if he/she has any questions they can contact me directly as well. No matter which you decide I will support you and be here for you. I will re-visit this with over the next couple of sessions, now let’s go burn some serious calories and have some serious fun together!”
My second type of client Mr. / Mrs. Jones is what I like to call my A-Z client. Now this client is usually a little more frustrated and ready to be at their goal as soon as possible. This type of client has usually tried many different gyms, diets and workout routines. This type of client probably has already spent money in the past on home workout equipment or videotapes and such. For various reasons though these methods have not worked for my A-Z clients and this client comes to me and says, ‘that’s it, (your name) let’s get this done once and for all!’ Now for you Mr. / Mrs. Jones and your goals this option would mean probably around (insert sessions here, realistically probably 60-100 total).
I am excited to announce that I am being promoted at Crunch due to my continued education and dedication to improve my skills as a trainer. As many of you know, I recently took my (fill in the blank with your new certification) and am confident that you will see the enhancement in your programs. Effective, (fill in the blank with the date) my rates will increase. You are definitely welcome to take advantage of the current rate until (fill in the blank with the date prior). I am honored and proud to be supporting you in reaching your fitness goals and keeping you motivated to achieving amazing results in your life. Have a wonderful day and I will see you all at your next appointment.

Hi AMAZING Clients!
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