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How does Soil pH affect Plant growth?

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Bubs Wright

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of How does Soil pH affect Plant growth?

How does soil pH affect plant growth?
Significance of the Research
If soil pH is too high (alkaline) or too low (acidic) it will affect plant growth in a negative way because plants will not grow as well.
Geiny's Data Analysis
The Materials that we used include:
Potting soil
Plants pots
Calcium carbonate or lime solution (pH 9)
Nitric acid solution (pH 5)
Distilled water (pH 7)
Shelf with Fluorescent Lamps

Bub's Data Analysis
1. Clean pots and place soil
2. Plant the seeds
3. Ensure plants receive solution at the proper pH daily
4. Make sure the plants get enough fluorescent light/sunlight
5. Measure the plant with a ruler
6. Record the results of the plant growth

How does soil pH affect plant growth?

By: Bubs Wright & Geiny Bueno

This research is important because it is about soil pH and how soil pH affects plant growth. Plants are very important to us.

Independent Variable: Soil pH

Dependent Variable: Plant growth

Control Variable: Amount of solution and sunlight
pH means potential hydrogen.
Soil pH is important because it affects plant growth.
Soil pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions soil.
Plants are important because we all need plants in order to maintain our everyday lives.
Soil pH affects plant roots
Soil pH affects nutrient availability
Soil pH can influence plant growth
What affects soil pH?
Parent Materials
Agricultural activities
Wood ash
All Nasturtium plants grew.
The plants grown in the basic soil grew the most growing 3.9 cm.

All Kentucky Pole Bean grew.
The plants grown in the neutral soil grew the most growing 1.3 cm taller than the other two groups.
The Nasturtium plants grown in basic soil grew the least, growing only 8.5 cm.
Nasturtium Plants grown in the acidic and neutral soils grew the most, growing 9.5 cm each.
The bean plants grown in basic soil grew the least growing only 8.3 cm.
The Bean plants grown in acidic soil grew the most growing 47 cm.

Data Collection

Possible errors included:
The amount of water and light plant received during the weekends
Used a shallow plant pot to grow the plants and weren't able to use as much soil.

Questions for future research:
1. How does soil pH affect sunflower growth?
2. What is the effect of temperature on plant growth?
3. What is the effect of soil pH on rose growth?
The experiment was conducted for 14 days.
We calculated the growth of each plant by subtracting the measurement of day 1 from the measurement at day 14.
We found the average growth at each pH level by adding the height of each plant and then diving the total by 14.
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