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Mary Ellen Mark

The life and career of an acclaimed photographer

Anna La Roche

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark Early Life
Born on March 20, 1940 in a suburb of Philadelphia
Interests in cheerleading, drawing, and painting Education attended University of Pennsylvania for painting and art history
MA in photojournalism
won a Fulbright scholarship
traveled to Turkey building a portfolio and doing freelance Career Moved to NYC
photographing Vietnam War demonstrations, women's liberation movement, transvestites, etc.
Magazine Work
Look Magazine
Vanity Fair
The New Yorker
Rolling Stone
Unit photographer on movie sets
Catch-22, Apocalypse Now, etc. Photographic Style and
Subject Specialty black and white
subjects focus primarily on social issues:
mental illness
drug addiction
"people on the edge of society" Gay Pride Parade, 1997 Tiny blowing a bubble, Seattle, 1983 Turkish Immigrants, Istanbul, 1965 moving from a small town to a big city- opening to "Passport" Ward 81, Oregon State Hospital, 1976 Ram Prakash Singh with his elephant Syama, India, 1990 Jennifer, Tiffany, and Carrie. Portsmouth, Ohio, 1989 Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter rehearse on the set of Sweeney Todd, England, 2007 Likes her ability to take on social issues
curious about the world
emotional connection Dislikes all black and white Works Cited Habert, Judith. "Mary Ellen Mark Biography: Photographing the Human Condition." About.com. About.com. Web. 7 Dec 2012.

"Mary Ellen Mark Bio & Resume." Mary Ellen Mark. N.p.. Web. 7 Dec 2012. <http://www.maryellenmark.com/bio_resume/bio_resume.html>.

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