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Changed lives after WW2

No description

Amirah Jeter

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Changed lives after WW2

being ignored
Jim Crow Laws
voices were not being heard
no say so
rights were very limited
being treated like they were less of a person
no respect
was put to work
forced to do things
had a officer in control over them
blacks were not allowed to got to the same schools
drink from the same water fountain
got to the same restaurants
be friends w. the whites
ride the same school bus
innocent people were mistreated.
A Better Life for African Americans.
by Amirah Jeter
In the beginning before WW11, African Americans were not getting the rights we deserved...
Things changed when the Civil Rights Movement came about in the 1950s and the 1960s.
19040s blacks were/had...
African American Women were limited of their participation
responsible for mail of seven million soldiers(& more)

I chose this topic because I felt that it was important to know that African Americans were not being treated equally. This presentation will inform you on how they lived before World War 2. After WW2 things changed and were much better for them... This war changed their lives.
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