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To Kill A Mockingbird - Chapter 27

No description

Dali Zak

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird - Chapter 27

To Kill A Mockingbird: Chapter 27
Explain how Bob Ewell is getting revenge on the community (Judge Taylor, Helen Robinson, etc).
Prompt: How is the case settling down affecting the children?
Jem and Scout feel the effects of the case settling down because they sense 3 changes in town. The first has to do with Bob Ewell getting a job and then losing it almost immediately. The second is Judge Taylor's house was almost robbed on Sunday while his wife was at church. Thirdly is that Bob Ewell was harassing Helen Robinson. These 3 things cause a subtle shift in town that the kids feel and are slightly fearful of. But they are able to almost completely ignore it by focusing on how Maycomb is almost completely the same as before.
Bob Ewell
Judge Taylor
Helen Robinson
Important Plot Events
Tone: The authors attitude towards the subject.
"First thing you can do, Ewell, is get your stikin' carcass off my property. You're leanin' on it an' I can't afford fresh paint for it. Second thing you can do is stay away from my cook or I'll have you up for assault--" (Lee 334 or 249).

The tone here is passionate and angry. Bob Ewell is harassing Helen Robinson and Mr. Deas is frustrated because Tom used to work for him and now Mr. Ewell is going after his wife making Mr. Deas extremely angry at Mr. Ewell.
Imagery: Use of words to create images in the readers mind, appeals to the 5 senses.
Simile: A comparison that uses like or as or than.
"You tell Cecil I'm about as radical as Cotton Tom Heflin" (Lee 336)

- Cotton Tom Heflin was an Alabama Senator who strongly supported white supremacy.

- The simile here compares Atticus's "radicalism" or "craziness" to a senator whose views on white supremacy are different to his own, making it sarcastic.
Literary Devices Scavenger Hunt
Use your handout and work with your group to find the following literary devices!

Characterization: The process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character.
"...he was the only man I ever heard of who was fired from the WPA for laziness. I suppose his brief burst of fame brought on a briefer burst of industry, but his job lasted only as long as his notoriety: Mr. Ewell found himself as forgotten as Tom Robinson" (Lee 332).

The statement here characterizes Mr. Ewell as a man who does not want a job and a man who cannot keep a job. The act of him getting a job after the trial is reveals that he wants more attention.
Bob Ewell is getting revenge by scaring anyone that bothered him or got on his nerves. He scared Judge Taylor by coming to his house and scratching on the front door so Judge Taylor’s wife would come home at night and Judge Taylor would be sitting in the living room with a shot gun. Then Bob scared Helen Robinson by following her to Mr. Link Deas house and she runs to Mr. Link Deas who yells at Bob for doing such a thing to Helen.
Bob Ewell is hired at the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and shortly gets fired due to laziness.
Bob Ewell goes back to picking up his weekly welfare checks and blames Atticus for getting his job.
While his wife was at church, Judge Taylor hears a scratching noise. He went outside with a shotgun and saw a shadow out of the corner of his eye.
Mr. Link Deas gave Helen Robinson a job and on her way to work, she was harassed by the Ewells.
After walking Helen home, Mr. Deas threatens the Ewells to leave Helen alone or he will send them to jail.
To avoid any mischievous events from occurring on Halloween, the town sponsors a play and party for all of the residents to enjoy.
Scout is apart of the play and she is playing a ham.
Her costume is chicken wire bent to be the shape of a cured ham, covered with brown cloth, and painted to resemble a real ham.
Atticus and Aunt Alexandra couldn't attend the pageant, so Jem had to take Scout.
"Then he realized he was speaking to an empty room; the scratching noise was coming from the rear of the house. Judge Taylor clumped to the back porch to let Ann Taylor out and found the screen door swinging open. A shadow on the corner of the house caught his eye, and that was all he saw of his visitor." (Lee 333 or 248).
This quote shows imagery because it talks about the scartching noises, the screen door swinging open, and the dark shadow at the corner of his eye. This quote gives off an ominous image in the reader's head.
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