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Mrs. Gillam's Blended Learning Class

No description

Ronda Gillam

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Gillam's Blended Learning Class

By the end of the year, our students will be technologically advanced, be able to solve more challenging problems, communicate more effectively, and understand how to collaborate on a global scale. These students are now more prepared for college and career readiness than ever before.

Mrs. Gillam's Blended Learning Class
Personal Drive
Students in a blended class need to be driven and self directed. This class will be far from the traditional class we all grew up in. We will be working in groups and independently to create activities and assessments to further apply concepts, instead of just learning them. This will create a greater understanding than traditional teaching ever could.
Academic Core
In this year's class we will be using the Common Core State Standards as our map to our learning. We will use a variety of resources from the Internet, iPad apps, community resources, and hands on activities to achieve master of the CCSS. Soon, I will send home a technology sheet with a list of user names and passwords for the current online resources. This will be updated throughout the year.
Phase 1
In Phase 1, students will be introduced to the station rotation model of learning. We will work in small groups, instead of large groups like the traditional classroom. We rotate to small group stations that emphasize hands on learning, skills reinforcement, collaboration, communication, problem solving, and technology. Students will start with smaller, simple technology projects and assessments. This will be the majority of first quarter.
Phase 2
Phase 2 will consist of more challenging technology projects. We will increase the rigor of projects, increase the expectations of independent work, and allow for more creative independence. By this point, students will be comfortable with most forms of technology in our classrooms.

For any class, let alone a blended class to work, there needs to be support in place. To be successful, students will need support from the following:
Teachers and Staff
We will need to all work together to create an environment that utilizes technology, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication for students to be successful this year.
Branches of Success
To be successful, we need to partner together. To do this, I ask that you do the following:
Check the class website weekly for updates and unit descriptions.
Discuss with your students what they are doing in class
Review their online work and assist them as needed
Sign up to volunteer in either the class or some of the after school activities we enjoy
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