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Enhancing International Programs Through Technology

An exploration in using 21st century technologies and web-based tools to meet the communication, administration, and training needs of international educators.

Samantha Martin

on 27 June 2011

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Transcript of Enhancing International Programs Through Technology

Enhancing International ProgramsThrough Technology 3rd COIL Conference, April 1, 2011 Samantha Martin
Christian Speedling Today Expectations and Introductions
Who is in the room and why are we here?
21st Century Context & Concepts
Using technology to meet your goals and needs
Group Project
Closing remarks and evaluation we are not experts in technology
we are users of technology Who is in the room? 21st Century Context in Technology Use Digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession...but we are far from seeing digital media literacy as a norm. This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that.. ...digital literacy is less
about tools and more about thinking... ...and thus skills and standards based on tools and platforms
have proven to be somewhat ephemeral.” (p. 3 Horizon Report, 2010) why do we use technology in international education? be more efficient be more productive speak 'the language' of a
digitally literate generation enhance the learning environment communicate the values of your office/university fill manpower gaps collaborate why don't we use technology in international education? lack of funding difficulty learning new technologies too many technologies aversion to change technophobia Break! Please return within 10 minutes. Using Technology to Meet Your Goals & Needs Old Process New technology Identifying Needs Group Project Identify at least two needs you have in your office and choose one or more of the technologies that we spoke about today (or one that was not mentioned but that you know of) and brainstorm with your neighbor or group of 3 about how you could use that technology to meet the needs of your office. Discuss any pros or cons you see with the technologies that you select as well as individual experiences you may have had with these or other technologies
Identify some needs that you think you might be able to address with these or other technologies What are the challenges to implementing this technology (training, maintenance, funding)?
Who (if anyone) do you need to talk to on your campus to be able to implement these things?
How would you communicate the value of the technology to the different people you encounter on a regular basis (students, parents, colleagues, faculty, administrators, etc.)? Then, discuss how it could be implemented. Work in Groups of 2 or 3. Discuss pros and cons... Christian Speedling Samantha Martin privacy concerns technology quickly
becomes outdated Reinforcing Your
Office's Values http://zikipediq.wordpress.com/ BEST PRACTICES marketing recruitment public relations communication organization collaboration advising orientation global education assessment UNIVERSAL DESIGN & INCLUSION REDUCED USE OF NATURAL RESOURCES http://besttravelwebsites.com/an-eco-friendly-adventure-in-xelha-mexico/ QUALITY ADVISING BUILD GOOD PARTNERSHIPS http://virtualmarketingofficer.com/2009/06/square-peg-round-hole-lawyers-and-social-networks/ Web-Based Tools http://www.sjsu.edu/kinesiology/advising/ Center for International Programs
State University of New York at New Paltz Study Abroad Advisor Martins@newpaltz.edu Study Abroad Enrollment Advisor Center for International Programs
State University of New York at New Paltz
Speedlic@newpaltz.edu thoughts? questions? thank you.
(for coming, for sharing, for listening) Increasing globalization continues to affect the way we work, collaborate, and communicate.

Information technologies are having a significant impact on how people work, play, gain information, and collaborate. Increasingly, those who use technology in ways that expand their global connections are more likely to advance, while those who do not will find themselves on the sidelines…teaching and scholarship are transcending traditional borders more and more all the time.

~The Horizon Report 2009 address identified needs
of the office perception that technology
hinders personal encounters Join the International Education and Technology Wiki:
http://internationaleducationandtechnology.pbworks.com Who is my audience?
Where are our users going to find the information?
What is the message?
What is the appropriate forum for the message?
How can you use multiple forums but still maintain a unified message? gather better data better emergency response effective
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