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apstudent P

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of SUP O3O

Top Ten Animals
1.Bunnies 2.Panda, 3.Dolphine 4.Cat 5. Tiger, 6.Foxes 7.Girafes 8.Whales, 9.Hippos 10.Dogs.

Bunnies By:Erin
Foxes: by Andrea
Foxes are really neat animals! Foxes eat rabbits, rodents, birds, fruit and vegetables, frogs, fish, and worms. Foxes can eat garbage and pet food though. Foxes use their fluffy tails for balance, like cats. They also use them as a warm "blanket" in the winter when they are cold or to signal other foxes. They also urinate to signal others that this is their territory! In the winter, the male foxes find vixen, or, female foxes. Fox pups can be different colors. They can be


and even

Foxes are a type of

wild dog.
Do you know anything about bunnies? Well I do, this is what I know. Bunnies are small mammals, there are eight different genera in the family of classified bunnies including the European bunny. The European bunny lives in grassland and other bunnies live in the forest or grassland. A bunnies color is


black, black
, and

Panda -----Amy
Panda's body are black and white. It has a round face, big black eyes, plump body, it also has a scalpel like sharp claws. It is one of the most lovely animals in the world. The giant panda has lived on the earth for 8,000,000 years at least, known as the "living fossil" and "China's national animal",
European Bunny
The cat's body are the head, neck, trunk, limbs and tail , most of them has body coat, a few of them are hairless cats.It hunts birds, rabbits, mice, fish.
When the cat is dropping from a high place, its tail will help it keep balance, , Please don't pull the cat's tail, it will affect its balance ability, it can also be easily make cat diarrhea, and shorten the life span of a cat.
Whales ---Amy
Whales are mammals, not fish. It is the biggest animal in the sea. A whale's body is very big, with small eyes, and a big tail.It respiration with pulmonary.
The whale is the largest animal in the world. The whale lives in aquatic areas, relies heavily on the water, so that they can't live without water, whale shaped like a fish in the upper part of the head, nose, lungs.
Dogs are awesome. They can do things we can't do like... They can smell,taste,and hear better then us,they can run way faster then us humans,and they can see better then us. They can smell up to.

It is the largest feline animal body, one of the most powerful beast and the most ferocious in land, A large tiger can weigh up to 350 kg, the Bengal tiger can reach 250kg. He also has a strong ability to adapt, is widely distributed in Asia, from the cold northern areas of southern Siberia, to the South Asian tropical forests, and alpine valleys, you can see the stronge and beautiful tiger.
Dolphins: by Andrea
Dolphins are very cool animals! They are EXTREMELY smart. They can do flips and somersaults. The dolphins can also make friendships with one another. Their predators are whales, sharks, and humans, Dolphins eat fish (dolphins love anchovies), herring, pilchards, squid,and octopus.


These animals have LOONG necks! They use them for food. Giraffes live in Africa, south of the Sahara desert. Giraffes eat acacia tree leaves with their long necks. All giraffes have brown spots all over. Male giraffes are up to 16 feet, while females are up to 14 feet. Calves (baby giraffes) are 6 feet tall when they are born.
Thank you!
Hippos: by Andrea
Hippos are very cool, but deadly! These animals can have teeth as sharp as razors and kill many people. They have stubby legs and enormous bodies. A group of hippos is called a herd, pod, bloat, or dale. Males are called, "bulls", females are "cows" and babies are called, "calves". Hippos eat mostly grass.
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