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National Treasure

No description

Tom Elias

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of National Treasure

The Ordinary World of Ben Gates
Benjamin Franklin Gates was a child during this part of the movie. He was in his grandfather's attic and was found by his grandfather. He had told Ben a story about treasure that was hidden somewhere in Washington DC that was also fought for during the Revolutionary War which was about 200 years ago.
The Refusal of the Call
In the movie, the refusal of the call would be when they have arrived to the library of congress and that oth Ben and Riley would try to find a way to retrieve the Declaration of Independence without getting caught and the easiest way to retrieve it that is not time consuming.
Crossing the Threshold
This is when ben has stolen the declaration, has caused many accidents when they get chased, and when they had found a secret passageway through a tomb that leads to the treasure that both of them have been searching for.
The Approach
It is when they enter the ancient burial or passageway to try to look for the teasure with Ian's group and without knowing that some of the mechanisms can fall apart if they are used or have weight applied to those mechanisms and without expecting traps that could activate or if there was no way for them to get out.
National Treasure
Hero's Journey

clips from the first movie
The Call to Adventure
The Call to adventure in the movie would be when he finds out that Ian is going to take the Declaration of Indepedence to try and find the treasure and the only way that Ben can protect the Declaration of Independence is to take it and to start running around with it and trying to solve the puzzle to finding the hiiden treasure.
Meeting the Mentor
In the movie, meeting the mentor is when ben meets his father right after he had stolen the declaration of independence beause they had to decode the map that should be on the back of the declaration. He had also helped him find clues that he could have found in the past or from clues that ben had not found yet. And another erson who I would consider in this manner would be his grandfather because his grandfather had given him a note or a clue that he had held onto that could lead to the treasure.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
One event was when they were trying to locate Charolette which was buried somewhere in the arctic, when Ian had betrayed ben because he had wanted the treasure all to himself and had threatened to kill Riley if he had not decoded the whole message, when they had tried to get to where the clues to the treasure is before Ian's group does, and the last example that would be when they had entered the passageway to the treasure.
The Road Back
Parts of the first movie
When they steal the declaration
The Ordeal
He thought that he had found the room that had had the treasure but there was no treasure and that he had feared that if he had done wasted everyone's time and that he had gotten himself in a big mess that could ruin everything for him and for everyone else that had helped him look for the treasure.
The Reward
Then right after they had talked to ben about not to just give up on lookig for the treasure, his dad had then mentioned that there must have been some source of air that must be coming from somewhere in the room. Then after they had found it, ben ha then realized that it was the exact same shape as the pipe that they had found on the ship, then after it was placed , there was a door opening up to the treasure that was promised to have been found.
When Ben finds his way out of the chamber with everyone else, he then talks to the CSI member on what they have found and where they could find Ian so that he can be taken to prison.
He then goes home and moves out to live with his girlfriend because on the way back from where they had came from have then fallen in love an have now started to date and riley becomes an author of a book that has all sorts of information that involves myths, legends, mysteries and to government conspiracy theories.
Return with the Elixir
Everything that was found and stolen has been sent to where the decaration of independence was stolen,and he declaration itself was ten returned and the security on it as then been modified or improved so that it can not stolen again. And most of the gold that was found had gone to Ben but 1-5% was the
call to adventure
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