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PR5902 - Creative learning

No description

Georgina Spry

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of PR5902 - Creative learning

PR5902 -
creative classrooms ???

“In one respect at least, human beings are radically different from the rest of life on earth. We have the ability to imagine. As a result we have unlimited powers of creativity”p.140

Ken Robinson (2011) states

… how children learn is equally important as what they learn..”
(Riley, 2007, p17)

“…it is knowing how to learn, to be able to be engage. To concentrate and to persevere which empower an individual to succeed in education…”
(Riley, 2007, p17)

Pedagogy and the curriculum
Make a small note book..............
Using your note book- write/mark/draw at least three key points from the podcast... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01b1g9l

C:\Users\User\Dpod cast\fourthought- radio 4 Gerard Darby on Creativity in Education.mp3

Podcast- Four thought Gerald Darby BBC radio 4, 25 Jan 2012
See Stephen Heppel

What ideas does Professor Heppel suggest?

List/draw/etc in your notebooks at least 3.

A new way of looking?
Bring on the learning revolution
on two sides write down some key points from this presentation
Look online and do a whats your talent quiz, loads to choose from ....Buzz feed and quiz box worth a look
Discuss what innate talents you have and how couldd they have been suported in schoo.
Room 13
Sands school

what does your personalised classroom look like???
draw an outline,
add some detail
What did your school teach you that you were good at?
What did your school teach you that you were bad at?
what does the school do differently? Why?How?
what needs to be done to create a personalised classroom?
or does the nature of the classroom needs rethinking
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