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How to Make an All-natural Native American Tomahawk

No description

Halle Boroski

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of How to Make an All-natural Native American Tomahawk

How to Make an All-natural Native American Tomahawk
Find a perfect stick
Step 1

1 and 1/2 inch wide and 1 and 1/2 foot long stick
a stone that's good for you
all natural twine
you need a knife and saw,
last but not least you need sand paper
the way out

thank you for your time

step 2
cut the stick to the size you need
step 3
go to a creek by you and find the perfect rock for you
step 4
next you need to cut a notch in the stick that suites your rock
step 5
next you use twine to tie your rock to the stick
now you have your finished tomahawk
Thank you
- Halle Boroski
now sand your stick
step 6
fun fact
Hi, I am Halle. I will teach you today how to make an all-natural native american tomahawk.
Do you know how many uses there are for a tomahawk? They can be used for lots of different things like cutting down trees, hunting, and as a hammer. There are many more ways. Can you think of one?
wait - there is one more slide
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