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Public Service Announcement

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Deysy Soto-Martinez

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of Public Service Announcement

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As a society, we have a big disagreement on whether pollution is a big issue. As far as we are concerned there are two groups on the matter, those who know the consequences of pollution and know it is dangerous, and those who try to convince themselves otherwise. The world is sick, whether you believe it or not, we have to make a change before we all fall down together. It’s time for a change, and we are going to give it to you.
Thanks to the very generous donation of $800 billion dollars an opportunity arises to take action against the monster that is pollution. The first plan of action is going to be the utilization of $1 billion dollars to fund a private company under the discretion of the government that has rights to protect, preserve, and better expand all nature preserves currently in the United States. This will ensure that no one can take down the very much needed trees for some very unnecessary town homes. The more trees and nature that is preserved, the better air we have available to breath. The trees help the air by breathing in all the carbon dioxide in the air, and releasing oxygen in the process. Just like humans breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, the trees do the opposite, so we need each other in a sense. Having more trees will also help defend against the greenhouse effect and make the world a much more colorful place.

Deforestation is the process of clearing a forest or stand of trees where the land is therefore converted to a non-forest use. This is a process not only affecting the land in the U.S, but also affecting the infamous Amazon Rainforest. The rainforest is 1.3 million acres of preserved land, and knowing that 300 billion tons of carbon dioxide it would be a huge problem if deforestation impacted the rainforest. The Greenhouse Effect is the process by which radiation from a planet's atmosphere warms the planet's surface to a temperature above what it would be without its atmosphere. The reason this is an issue is because as previously stated the gases help in most trees is carbon dioxide. That is the second most effective greenhouse gas aside form water vapor. To counteract both effects we will invest $400 billion dollars into a private investment company, open to donations, that will always bid into buying land that is abandoned. This will help find land that is suitable to grow trees and slowly make the tree population prosper again. Along with this transaction, we will disperse the remaining $399 billion dollars to create a safety net of money that can buy all the newly available land, and ensure that no one will ever outbid us in the quest to create new stands of trees and maybe even forests all over the world.
This is a big change, which will take time. Overall, we know this is the best chance our planet has, and we must aid in the recovery of mother nature and learn to control our urges to make unnecessary choices to burn or cut down land for personal gain. It is officially time to go green. Let do it!

How to fix the Problem
To fix pollution we have to work together. The Problem won't go away overnight or by just one person's efforts, everyone has to be apart of the effort. Their are simple but useful ways that if everyone follows will lessen the output of pollution we emit.

• Using Environmentally Safe Products
• Recycling Used Motor Oil and Filters and Everything you can
• Composting Yard Trimmings
• Reporting illegal dumping
• Disposing of Trash Properly
• Don’t litter

Pollution affects humans in a very destructive way, it can being by destroying their respirator and neurological system Yet we are human are not the only ones affected by the nature around us, plants, fruits, vegetables, rivers forest and Animals. It crucial to protect our environment and take a fight against pollution for our world and our health.
Biggest Threat From Pollution
Pollution has caused many threats that greatly affect our planet and its inhabitants. Pollution has made the Earth's temperature rise known as Global Warming, which causes many problems on its own such as the mealting of the polar ice caps. Another threat is Air pollution that kills millions and has caused pollution- related diseases that are growing and rapidly developing in countries. The Death toll has risen greatly over the years but we can do something about those numbers.

Deysy Soto
Austin bush
Dawson Montes

Public Service Announcement
Table of Contents
Issues with pollution
Reference page URL
Pollution has many negative effects in our Environment and it more than trowing away the trash in the right containers and not trashing our streets, pollution can be in our air, water, and soil. This Can cause multiple health issues as well.
water- water born diseases
Air- global warming, Asthma and Cancer in lungs
Soil- Insecticides and pesticides, cause the soil to take the nitrogen from soil making it unfit for plants.
proposal to correct littering
La contaminación afecta a los humanos de una manera muy destructiva, Puede ser destruir nuestro sistema respiratorio y nuestro sistema neurológico. Sin embargo, Como Humanos no somos los Únicos afectados. La naturaleza que nos rodea, las plantas, las frutas, los vegetales, los ríos, los bosques y asta los animales. Es Crucial para proteger nuestro medio ambiente y luchar contra la contaminación para nuestro mundo Y vida Santa.
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