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(Home Guards) peter harshvir

No description


on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of (Home Guards) peter harshvir

How To Join The Home Guard!
To join the Home Guard you must sign at the post office. On the first day when they introduced the Home Guard 250,000 men signed up to help the country. After a month over 750,000 men signed to help defend Britain.
Jobs As A Home Guard!
As a Home Guard it is your role to patrol areas. Home Guards use old weapons that could easily hurt you or your teammates. After an area raid patrol the area and make sure to clear the debris do your base to help defend Britain.
Why Home Guards Use Unstable Guns!
Why Is The Home Guard So Important?
Home Guards would patrol Factory's, Bases, Barracks to make sure there are no enemy's disguised or any enemy soldiers sneaking in the base with attachments or silent guns. They would clear debris after a air raid. Germans could paratroop from the skies or in boats or in planes.
(Home Guards)
Peter Harshvir
how to be a homeguard
Operation Defend Britain!
As a matter of fact why soldiers use the stable guns is because the soldiers are required the stable guns and there are no more stable guns.
Why the Home Guard is so important because they are known for protecting Britain itself and any other countries they have captured from Germany's control such as Operation Market Garden.
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