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Joseph and the Interjection Lesson

No description

Salena Clifton

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Joseph and the Interjection Lesson

The climbing tree
Chapter One
Chapter Three
A few days had past after the interjection lesson when her mother allowed her to go frolic with friends.

Lydia and her friends went to their favorite climbing tree and altogether they began to escalate up.

One of her friends was higher up the tree than the others, and that was when Lydia saw the partially broken tree branch.

"Watch out!" said Lydia. Her friend did not hear her. "The branch is broken! Look!" Her friend finally saw the broken tree branch.

When Lydia went home that afternoon she had told her mother about how she had saved her friend from falling by using interjections.

Her mother looked at Lydia with pride.

The End
Chapter Two
One day Lydia's mother was giving her grammar lesson

"interjections are abrupt remarks..." said her mother, but she could already tell her daughters mind was in the forest.

"Pay attention!"

Lydia awoke from her day dream.

"See, now that was an interjection. Do you understand?"

"Yes mother, an abrupt remark."

By Salena Clifton
Lydia and the Interjection Lesson
Once Upon a time there was a girl named Lydia who loved to climb trees with her friends.

Lydia was a wonderful girl, though she did not listen to her mother about doing her school work. Instead she would go off frolicking in the forest.

From that day forward Lydia listened to her mothers lessons and hoped she would help others, just as her mother had helped her to save a friend.
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