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Prezi Glasgow University

Like the Glasgow University Page on Facebook!! https://www.facebook.com/PreziGU

David Timis

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Glasgow University

Main Building
Well this is where it all starts and ends! Come through the gates a fresher exit a fully qualified wizard with a diploma in fields as diverse as the world. This is where you get your wizard ID card on the very first day you arrive and this is where you will proudly wear the robes when you leave.
Clubs and Societies
Sport Facilities
Yes, yes, you have magic and can build the world from scratch (or at least you are about to learn how to do that) but you have to know that even the most powerful wizards need to work-out a bit.

So leave your wand and worries home and come along to enjoy the broad facilities of the Stevenson Building:

6 lane, 25m Swimming Pool;
Sauna & Steam Rooms;
Fitness, Cardio & Strength Suites;
2 Squash Courts;
Activity Hall;
Sport Kit Shop;
And over 60 Club Sports to choose from.
Freshers! Freshers over here!
Student Accommodation
Student Apartments
Cairncross House
Queen Margaret
Freshers Week
The enchanted cross-campus festival built to propel you into university life with over a hundred events in over twenty different locations spread across five full days and nights.
All wizards will get the inside track on how to have the most magical time outside of the classroom, giving everyone the chance to fully experience what it means to be a student at the University of Glasgow.

Of course a wizard is not complete if he does not broaden his/her view by getting involved in the frenzy of events and societies on campus. Parties, trips, languages, and hundreds more, anything a wizard would like Glasgow University has.
To be able to learn the best spells, you also need to have a place to rest. But don't worry, because the university offers a wide range of options when it comes to wizard accommodation, from catered en-suite rooms to self-catered wizard flats with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. And if you run into any problems while living in halls or are feeling homesick, the pastoral wizards on hand are more than happy to help.
Hello, young wizards!

Welcome to the University of Glasgow, a place of magic and mystery,
where you can discover the secrets hidden within our campus.

Bird's Eye View from the Tower
The Cloisters
Fraser Building
As you might know, what makes a good wizard great are the friends that support him/her, and the best place on campus to catch-up is Fraser Building. All wizards come here to have lunch along with their friends and discuss their latest spells and potions. But what makes this place even better is that the Fraser Building has a division of very friendly and helpful wizards that can offer counseling should you have any non-academic problems and also medical advice in case you hurt yourself by misusing your wand.
As you already suspect, a lot of your time will be spent here between shelves filled with old and new books studying, learning how to wield your powers and at the same time proudly acknowledging that you are in the tallest university library in Scotland. If you get tired go and relax at the cafeteria or have a go at the piano at level 4.
University Library
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