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Table Mountain Ghost Frog

No description

Gurleen Sidhu

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Table Mountain Ghost Frog

Table Mountain Ghost Frog What are they? what do they look like? Where do they live? (Habitat) What do they eat/How do they live? Why are they endangered ? Where are they on the food chain? How many are left? Resources The Table Mountain Ghost frog can grow up to 50 to 60 mm.These frogs have highly webbed feet as an adaptation for strong swimming, but there poor jumpers.The most common colour of the Table mountain ghost frog is green and brown. This frog also has another name Rose's Frog. The table mountain ghost frog lives in the Southern and Eastern part of table mountain in the Western Cape , South Africa.Its habitat is the slope streams on the mountain side. The area is about 7-8 square km. Sometimes this frog eats a variety of small insect, but sometimes the frog can grow large and end up eating another smaller frog or mice. The Table mountain ghost frog is low on the food chain. Its a low level consumer. A snake, hawk,eagle,and some other animals can eats it. Its endangered because it can't run away that fast from fires or alien vegetation. Construction of water storage on the mountain affects the streams flow also eucalyptus and poplar sometimes clogs up the streams. Fungal disease it the most common reason its endangered. Only a few are left , it does say how much exactly. http://www.arkive.org/table-mountain-ghost-frog/heleophryne-rosei/
http://www.wwf.org.za/what_we_do/tablemountainfund/?5840/ghostfrog How can we save them? We can save them by not cutting down trees
in the forest. In a pond with frogs don't keep non-native fish because they like to feed on the frogs eggs. If you recycle your batteries instead of throwing them away the toxic material won't leak in to the pond.
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