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stephen Koopman

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Family Tree

By: Stephen Koopman Stephen Koopman Lorrie Margaret Nanasy Brian Koopman Ida De Balbiaan Antonius Marinus Koopman Ida De Balbiaan DOB: Sunday, July 4th, 1926-Sunday, October 17th, 1993

Born in Amsterdam, Holland.
Has one sibling.
Married in Holland, had two children in Holland and had two in Canada.

Has family history that originated and Chiavenna, Italy, but then immigrated to Friesland in Northern Netherlands.

Immigrated to Canada on Saturday, May 30th, 1959 from Holland to Montreal on the S. S. Groote Beer (boat) and then sent to Hamilton, Ontario.
Immigrated to Canada to provide a better life for there family. Antonius Marinus Koopman DOB: Friday, January 18th, 1924-Tuesday, May 11th, 1993.

Born in Amsterdam, Holland.
One of twelve children.

Immigrated to Canada on Saturday, May 30th, 1959 with wife and two children (ages 2 and 6).
Immgrated to Canada from Holland to Montreal on the S. S. Groote Beer (boat) and sent to Hamilton, Ontario.

Canadian government came to Holland and was looking for specific immigrates to Canada. One specifi type they were looking for was skilled machinist which he was. Violet Simpson Purdie DOB: Friday, December 19th, 1941-present

Both parents born and raised in Scotland.

Was born in Cardross, Scotland. Moved to Canada in October 1960. Was young and wanted to try something new, counsin had just visited from Canada and told stories about Canada and asked if she would like to come live in Canada.
Came to Canada via boat and moved to Toronto, Ontario.

One of four siblings.

Married in Canada and had one child, Lorrie Margaret Nanasy DOB: July 2, 1963 Bela Laszlo Nanasy DOB: Saturday, December 7th, 1935-present

Both parents born in Hungary.

Born In Tiszakarad, Hungary.

Had served his time in the Hungarian army. During the 1956 Revolution, had crossed the border into Austria. At this time nobody was allowed to leave Hungary with or without papers under Russian control. Stayed in Austria for 7 months until got a visa to come to Canada as a refugee. Arrived in Canada by boat on Thursday, August 15th, 1957. The boat landed in Quebec. June 1961 moved to Toronto. (when first arrived in Canada he had to stay in a jail for two weeks, no room for the refugees. Eventually was moved to a hotel.)

One of four siblings. Violet Simpson Purdie Bela Laszlo Nanasy Great Grandparents Faber and Koopman Great Grandparents Faber from Holland, but have family history originating from Chiavenna, Italy.

great Grandparents Koopman are from Holland descent. Margaret Eadie Daniel Turner Purdie Great Grandparents Faber Great Grandparents Koopman Bela Nanasy Elizabeth Novak Great Grandparents Purdie and Nanasy Great Grandparents Purdie both born and raised in Scotland.

Great Grandparents Nanasy both born and raised in Hungary.
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