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No description

Jasmine Gore

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of RETRO ACTIVE


Refined Retail Plan
Brief Overview of Retro Active
Marketing Objectives
Retail Strategy
Environmental Analysis

Conclusion & Recommendations
Marketing Objectives
Generate More. . .
Foot traffic
Sales on website
Local Patronage
Brand culture
Retail Strategy:
Attitudes & Values
Primary trade areas
Secondary trade areas
Tertiary zones
Minimum of four training shifts
review handbook
register training
customer service training
store tour
Paid hourly wages
No outsourcing necessary
Cost oriented, EDLP method
Do not aim for prices lower than competitors
Offer value with unique, nostalgic experiences
ideal price for costs and profit margin
Licensing expenses
No frequent shopper program
Offer an e-newsletter & coupon

Store Layout
Free form layout
Environmental Analysis
Target Market
Merchandise Assortment
Major Products
Adults and youth t-shirts
Infants and toddlers clothing
Buttons, stickers and magnets
Popular movies
Television shows
Bands from the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond
Retail Strategy:
Retail Strategy:
Human Resources
Store Location
Broadway at the Beach
MB's premiere travel destination
Shopping, dining, entertainment, nightlife
Potential benefits from traffic & popularity
Best location

Retail Strategy:
Retail Strategy:
Communication Mix
Paid advertisements
Unpaid communications
Coupons & discounts
Retail Strategy:
Retail Strategy:
Customer Service
Occasionally has autograph signing of bands and store events
People that visited Retro Active
Rose Burgess
Naomi Dantlzer
Andre Williams
Policy for handling customer complaints
Retail Strategy:
Competitive Environment
Major competitors

Vintage House
Retail Strategy:
Focus more on customer service
Reasons why:
Reorganize and edit the website

Lacks professional qualities
Hard to navigate
Looks like a scam to new users
Unorganized, random
Contrasting colors
Revamp Visual Displays and shift Merchandise
Very cluttered
Printed picture displays
Cubby system
Value store space

Target more local and off season customers

Avoid stock outs while adding authentic merchandise

Reasons why:
Targeted local advertising

Reasons why:
The best suggestions for improving local and tourist traffic, in store and online

Reorganize and edit the website
Revamp visual displays and shift merchandise
Attract more local and off season customers
Avoid stock outs while adding authentic merchandise
Focus more on customer service
Targeted local advertising

Reasons why:
Recommend to hire a reputable professional
Read reviews
Research and ask other businesses

How to Implement:
Reason why:
Add mannequins
Use real T-shirts for displays
Convert to hanging displays
Move desk
Improve product displays

How to Implement:
Potential sales
Build Loyalty
Provide entertainment to community
Build off season numbers
Reason why:

How to Implement:

Prized events
Meet and greets
Product trades
Product shows
Vintage games for kids
Special deals for locals and college students
Buy one get one free
How to Implement:
How to Implement:
How to Implement:
Loss of sale
Disappointed customer
Attract more customers
Potential for high profitability
Don’t display discontinued merchandise
Keep merchandise ordered
Create a bundling package
Retro candy “OLD Time Candy”
Authentic vintage records
Other vintage retro merchandise
Customers want to feel welcome
Few bad customer service reviews
Can provide the extra edge to a buyer
Build Customer Loyalty

Greet every single person the second they walk in
Talk to them!
Ask if they need help
Tell them about the store
Offer a loyalty program

Many locals don’t know Retro Active exists
Potential customers
Word of mouth will spread
Put name out in community

Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce
Myrtle Beach travel brochures
Providing coupons with fliers at local events, restaurants, and hotels
Advertising to college students
Use social media!
Team CCU Marketing:

Elizabeth Craddock
Ebony Burgess
Jasmine Gore
Ivorey Burgess
Steven Mackenzie

Retro Active Overview
70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond
Broadway at the Beach
Products: Apparel, accessories, and novelty items
Opened and Operated by Amy Leonard and Amy Harriman
Active in social media
Retro Actives Goal “is to increase local traffic and build online business”

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