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MIS 201 Chapter 2 Global Ebusiness and Collaboration

No description

Gregory Foudray

on 19 January 2019

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Transcript of MIS 201 Chapter 2 Global Ebusiness and Collaboration

Web Research Project 1
Business Model Change or New Market Strategy?

Google Chrome?

Microsoft Bing?

Mobile ?
Global? Look at Baidu and Yandex

Foudray: Most ERP Systems
(Like Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
Net Suite) focus on improving
business processes with best practices

Think of a Business Process
at your job!

What are the steps in the process?

What are the best practices for this
business process?
Old Slide from Rainer Understanding MIS
Modern Approach
to Business Intelligence
with a Data Warehouse
Foudray: Reports have
been obsoleted by Dashboards!
Fill voids in
MIS Applications
Chapter 2 Textbook Summary
Foudray's Summary of the Textbook Chapter 2
Goals: Produce Products and services to generate Profit
Business Funtions: 1. Accounting and Finance, 2. human resources, 3. manufacturing/ operations, 4. sales and marketing
Transaction Processing(TPS) captures and drives data to other MIS functions. Detailed information for Middle managers. Summary Info for Executives.
Move away from reports to Dashboards

Enterprise Systems(ERP) store operational data in a
centralized database that can be shared across business functions to improve coordination and cooperation
To develop closer relationships with suppliers for improved efficiency. To develop closer relationships with customers to raise customer loyalty and profitability. Collaboration technologies include Google Docs, Wikis, Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Lotus Notes, Salesforce.Com Chatter and many more....
IT provides Information infrastructure in the forms
of hardware , software, networks and data storage and training and support for users and technology consulting to Executive Management.
IT professionals includes programmers, analysts, network engineers, Database Administrators lead by management and the CIO.
The End
Foudray: Cross Functional ==>
Successful Companies
Thrive on Change!
AKA "Analytics"
Standard Org Chart
IT Infrastucture is required
to enable all Applications.
A look at
Supply Chain Management.
A Look at CRM
Newer Technologies
for Social Business
Google Drive
Microsoft Yammer
Salesforce.com Chatter
Critical to Business Success
google apps
with Dropbox paper
or Slack?

Repeating Chapter 1
St0pped here Tues
Sept 18
Salesforce Chatter
Dropbox Paper

Go to Hot Project 0?
Review Exam 3 Timing
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