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Wish Clauses

Wish Clauses

Birsen Kara

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Wish Clauses

If only I knew the answers of the quizzes. I wish I could play football.
I wish they would not speak so much. I wish I hadn't slept so late. Wish Clauses Examples Examples Examples Summary You have an English exam. You do not study to it.
I wish you started to study on English exam. I bought a pencil. It's quality is not good.
I wish I hadn't bought that pencil. I wish my brother were here. Wishes referring to present situations. regrets, wishes referring to past situations now unchangeable. Wish Clauses Rule: wish + past simple/past continuous
wish + could+ base form of verb wish + would + base form of verb

is used only if we want someone

else to do something different. It's raining. He want to go to the theater, but not in the rain.
I wish it would stop raining. She wants to buy a leather jacket. She is so lavish.
I wish she wouldn't be so lavish. Rule: wish + past perfect Form Usage I wish they were at school now. (unfortunately they are not) I wish (if only)
(wish/regret about the present) I wish (if only)
(wish/regret about the present) + Simple Past Tense wish/regret about a present
situation we want to be different I wish (if only)
(regret about the past) 1 wish/regret in the present
concerning lack of ability I wish (if only)
impossible wish for the future I wish I could play the piano (but I can't) + Past Perfect Tense I wish you had called me earlier. (but you didn't) regret that something happened
or didn't happen in the past +subject + would + V
"wish" and "would" should have
a different subject.
We never say:
I wish I would X
He wishes he would X
wish + inanimate subject + would is used to express the speaker's lack of hope or disappointment wish for a future change unlikely to happen or wish to express dissatisfaction; polite request implying dissatisfaction or lack of hope 1 He wants to be rich but he is poor now. He wishes he was a rich person. The End I wish I were at my home. If only I hadn't missed the Grammar course. It is a difficult question and I couldn't it.
I wish I knew that question's answer. I don't have enough money to buy that book.
I wish I saved up enough money The sun isn't shining and it is bad for him.
He wishes the sun was shining. She miss her mother and they are away from each other.
She wishes her mother weren't away from her. The phone has been ringing for five minutes an nobody doesn't answer it.
I wish somebody would answer the phone. His friend drives very fast and he doesn't like this.
He wishes he wouldn't drive very fast. Mary is tired because she went to bed late last night.
She wishes she hadn't gone to bed earlier last night. He didn't come to the meeting and then regret about not to going there.
I wish he had come to the meeting. They behaved rudely to their teacher so they made a mistake.
They wish they hadn't done that mistake. +could + V
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