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Autobiographical Analysis

A Chapter from Approaches to Media Literacy

Johanka Kotišová

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Autobiographical Analysis

Analysis Johana Kotišová, 333181 Lines of inquiry Why autobigraphical
analysis? What is it good for? Empowerment Conclusion 4. Media
chronicles 2. Identification
analysis 3. Narrative
analysis 1. Affective response
analysis What is it?

Why is it useful?? The influential
factors Audience Introduction experience with the media as
a starting point for analysis an active role of individuals in interpreting media content
mechanisms of media processing: stage of development
psychological disposition
content attributes
social context
ethnic, racial and class identity you focus on your immediate emotional response to media content you analyze your identification
with a movie character
or a famous person you reconstruct (or forecast) the narrative or imagine yourself inside the narrative individual or group talking
about personal memories analyzing media content
exploring your self
media literacy! Be aware.
Be active. Thank you for your attention! - basic ideas
- lines of inquiry
- what is it good for? ...you will learn at the end of the presentation selective exposure selective perception vs. beef, or beer? selective retention List of my
identifications 1996 2011 2009 2000 2005 5. Media production analysis analyzing some aspects
of individual production
of media content “All media exist to invest our lives with
artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.” Marshall McLuhan Questions?
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