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Fourth Crusade Timeline

No description

Jeffrey Finicle

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Fourth Crusade Timeline

Fourth Crusade Timeline
Jeffrey Finicle
November 1202
Soldiers were sent out
to recapture Jerusalem.
Swords, armor, and food
were brought.

November 1202
Soldiers can not afford
to pay the Venetians for the ships
they needed. They made an agreement
that if the soldiers got the ships, they would conquer Zara for the Venetians.
The Route of the
4th Crusade
November 10, 1202
After 5 days of fighting, the 33,500 men
consisting of crusaders and Venetians,
won in Zara and took it over.
Crusaders and Venetians arrive in
Zara led by Doge Dandolo.
November 24, 1202
Spring 1203
Soldiers leave Zara
to Jerusalem.
July 17, 1203
The 4th Crusade gets distracted
from their mission to get Jerusalem.
They attack Constantinople on this day
instead of going to Jerusalem.
July 1203
Alexius IV took power in
Constantinople after the
Crusaders victory.
4th Crusade Summary
The plan to get Jerusalem never happened for the 4th Crusade. They did take over Zara for the Venetians and took over Constantinople but never went to Jerusalem which was the goal. They never fought the infidels in this crusade and did not recapture Jerusalem.
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