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BIM 101

Introduction to BIM

Chris Reutlinger

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of BIM 101

5D Building
Model(ing) BIM Collaborative
Non-collaborative 10% technology - 90% sociology "A digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility that has shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle; defined as existing from earliest conception to demolition. A basic premise of BIM is collaboration by different stakeholders at different phases of the life-cycle of a facility to insert, extract, update, or modify information in the BIM to support and reflect the roles of that stakeholder." -National BIM Standard "A building information model (BIM) is an object-oriented building development tool that utilizes 5D modeling concepts, information technology and software interoperability to design, construct, and operate a building project, as well as communicate its details." -AGC BIMForum "Building Information Modeling-BIM-is an innovative method to seamlessly bridge communication within the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With BIM, architects and engineers efficiently generate and exchange information, create digital representations of all stages of the building process, and simulate real-world performance-streamlining workflow, increasing productivity, and improving quality." -Autodesk Benefits


Virtual Problem Solving "BIM requires, even demands, an inclusive approach to project delivery" -AGC BIM Education Program "Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model–based design process that adds value across the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects." -Autodesk Terminology Federated Model Construction Model Phasing Model Level of
(LOD) 2D 3D 4D xD Co-locate Deliverables IFC Information Manager Interoperability IPD Hard/Soft Clash Macro Parametric Modeling Quantity
Takeoff Rendering Roundtripping Spatial
Coordination Synchronization VDC Visualization Tools 100
500 Micro Overview "It will require that building industry business partners regard one another differently than they do today--as true partners and collaborators with a mutual interest in a successful outcome, rather than as adversaries and potential future litigants" -Smith and Tardif Sketchup Tekla Autodesk Quantity Takeoff Capabilities BIM is NOT just... Consensus
Docs 301 6D Preliminary
Design Preliminary
Model Review
File Transfer Revit Preliminary
Model Review
File Transfer Design Analysis Fabrication Construction
Management Model Review File Transfer Navisworks Preliminary
Model Review
File Transfer Innovaya Solibri DProfiler Bentley ArchiCAD 1.4 - Use of the Addendum does not relieve the architect/engineer's responsibility for design of the project. Consensus Docs 301

1. General Principles
2. Definitions
3. Information Management
4. BIM Execution Plan
5. Risk Allocation
6. Intellectual Property Rights 1.1 - The Addendum does not restructure contractual relationships or risks among the Project Participants other than as specifically required per the Addendum. 1.7 - Unless otherwise agreed in the BIM Execution Plan, a Design Model is not intended to provide the level of detail needed in order to extract precise material or object quantities. 2.3 - Contract Documents, as defined in the Governing Contracts, is modified to include all Design Models, unless otherwise specified in the BIM Execution Plan. 4.3.2 - Model purposes and responsible parties 4.3.3 - what Models shall not constitute Contract Documents 4.3.4 - areas of the project to be/not to be modeled 4.3.5 - required LOD at Project milestones 4.3.7 - schedule for updating Models and versioning 4.3.11 - Dimensional Accuracy 4.3.16 - File-naming and object-naming 4.3.21 - RFI process 4.3.23 - Schedule for BIM development and coordination meetings 4.3.26 - Field changes 5.5 - Each Party shall use its best efforts to minimize risk of claims and liability arising from the use of or access to its Model or the Project Model. AIA E202

1. General Provisions
2. Protocol
3. Level of Development
4. Model Elements 1.2.4 - Model Element Author
The Model Element Author is the party responsible for developing the content of a specific Model Element to the LOD required for a particular phase of the Project. 2.1 - Coordination and Conflicts
Where conflicts are found in the Model, regardless of the phase of the Project or LOD, the discovering party shall promptly notify the Model Element Author(s). Contracts AIA E202/3 2.4 - Model Management
...The Architect will manage the Model from the inception of the Project... COBie a specification used to deliver useful facility information by streamlining planning, design, construction, and commissioning activities. Presentation Quantity Take-offs Develop Models Clash Detection Feasibility Studies Fabrication Drawings As-Built Models model–based design knowledge resource insert, extract, update, or modify collaboration object bridge exchange Design Model information process communication -oriented shared information 8-10 10-12 MEP/BIM Coordination Intro to BIM 3-4 4-5 Project Review BIM Execution Plan 1-3 Intro to Navisworks Agenda BEP
BxP Vico Laser Scanning BIM Portfolio http://spoint.hardinconstruction.com/sites/bim/SitePages/PortfolioMyHardin.aspx Vico Preliminary
Model Review
File Transfer Navisworks Manage Navisworks Freedom Revit SketchUp Develop Models
Design View Models
View Results Combine Models
Clash Detection
Publish Results
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