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Organization for Relief & Development of Afghanistan (ORDA)

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naveed hassan

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Organization for Relief & Development of Afghanistan (ORDA)

Afghanistan's History
Organization for Relief & Development of Afghanistan (ORDA) is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to improving of Afghan people.
stands for:

Reduce Poverty in Afghanistan
Improve Education Standards
Improve Human & Animal Health
Provide Life Skills
Employment Training
Sustainable Agriculture and Livestock Development
rganization for
elief &
evelopment of
Afghanistan has had a troubled history. Full of war . People think that it all started in 2001 until now, but that was just one. the reason Afghanistan had that war was because of September 11, 2001 attacks, involving the Twin Towers. The attacks were caused by Al Qaeda terrorists, who were based in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a Islamic group and was ruling Afghanistan’s government at that time.
The Taliban refused to allow the United States into Afghanistan to kill the Al Qaeda terrorists, so the US declared war on Afghanistan. The result of the war is that people’s homes, schools, hospitals where destroyed. Even the agriculture was destroyed. They now have to start form the bottom and work their way up. They will need some help, and that’s where ORDA comes in.
What will
do with $10,000
Founder/Chairman: Mohammed Rafiq Shahzada

Charitable Registration Number: 803889088RR0001
Started since 2012 and still active now.
What ORDA has done so far
Has provided families in Afghanistan will tools to help grow the future generations.

Has built a school for children to gain knowledge near their home instead of their families spend fortunes and almost never see them. ORDA has build one, but planning to bulid schools in other areas.

Provide farmers with healthy seeds and fertilised soil to produce successful crops

ORDA will also teach animal owners how to take care of their animals and keep them healthy, comfortable, and well nourished.

ORDA has already built a school, but would like to build more

Only 23% of people in Afghanistan have to clean water. so ORDA will build a well in the center if villages so that the people won’t have to wander far to receive dirty water.

Build a hospital for sick children, pregnant women and sick adult.
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