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Nic K

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Arthritis

Arthritis Adults Children A disease that is very painful. A disease that is uncureble. A disease that can affect all ages. Hospitals spend 24 billion dollars a year on health care for Arthritis patients. 4 million people in Australia are affected by the disease already. There is only a few Arthritits foundations for children, one of them I found is called JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) Elderly People There is a one in two chance (50%) that a person over 65 has Arthritis. Half of the people that are over 65 and have Arthritis have had the disease their whole life. The bones poke up
in their hands more often than a younger sufferer due to
the bone rubbing
out of their sockets. Just like this photo here. This video will shows more detail. Many children are born with Arthritis in their hands Juvenile Arthritis Juvenile Arthritis affects four in every one thousand Australian kids and teenagers The Symptoms Swelling Redness and warmth around the joint. Stiffness Limitation in the movement of the joint Limping Weak muscles Changes to the shape or growth of the bone Damage to the joints More than one-third of adults with arthritis do not exercise at all. Only 20% of people with arthritis perform training exercises 37% of adults with arthritis meet the minimum levels of physical activity that are recommended for people with arthritis. The symptoms are the same as the elderly people. Thank You for listening to
my Arthritis report. By
Nicholas Karelas Services There is a foundation for sufferers in Brisbane called Arthritis Friendship Group.

This service supports families and sufferers, this service is charitable. The aim of the group is to provide social activities for Arthritis sufferers The group have therapy sessions in the heated pool at the LOTA Police Citizens Youth Club. There are not many foundations supporting arthritis sufferers alone.
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