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Summit on the Future of Adult Education in the New Digital World

Keynote talk by Marian Thacher, OTAN, www.otan.us

Marian Thacher

on 8 September 2009

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Transcript of Summit on the Future of Adult Education in the New Digital World

Summit on the Future of Adult Education
in the New Digital World some thoughts about the future
of technology in adult education 1.The definition of basic skills
will evolve Attention
Management Participation Cooperation Critical
Consumption Public Profile NOW Reading Writing Math Teamwork Listening Leadership Self-
Management Problem
Solving Speaking 2. No Line Between
Distance Learnging and
Face-2-Face Personal
Network Marian Thacher
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Sacramento, California 3. Convergence one portable device
to do everything We will push
more instruction
out to portable
devices. 4. we will select the right
tool for the need wiki
or blog? Webcast or
Videoconference skype or
landline or
chat or
twitter? Phone call
or podcast
or video on
YouTube? 5. Network security vs.
instructional need 6. Collaboration skills and social skills
will be more important than ever See Howard Rheingold
talk about this
http://blip.tv/file/2373937 Research needs -
What exactly are these skills?
What are the most effective strategies
for teaching them?
Policy needs -
Teaching standards
Learner standards
Guidance for teachers 7. Some things
will not change The need for connection the mode will change The need for relationship ways of forming will change The need for teachers the delivery models will change How do we identify and
incorporate best practices? THANK YOU!
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