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Code of Conduct

CCS Code of Conduct

Ashley Adamcik

on 4 August 2016

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Transcript of Code of Conduct

All students are expected to comply with all rules governing behavior and conduct.
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
CCS' misson is to provide a safe and caring learning environment in which every student develops the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a productive life, to be successful in a diverse global society, and to empower students to become lifelong learners.
Mission Statement
Less severe infractions involve lower degree of danger and harm
Threaten safety of students, staff, or school visitors
*Dress Code *False Information

*Gambling *Honor Code Violation

*Insubordination *Inappropriate use of items on school

*Medication *Inappropriate language/disrespect

*Truancy *Possession/Use of Tobacco
CLASS I Violations
Begin Discipline Referral Form

May result in ISS
*Aggressive Behavior *Hazing

*Bullying *Possession of Alcohol

*Communicates Threats to a Student *Possession of Drugs

*Cyber-bullying *Possession of fake item

*Disorderly Conduct *Property Damage
(less than $1,000)

*Disruptive Behavior *Theft (less than $1,000)

*Extortion *Use of Counterfeit Items

*Verbal Harassment
CLASS II Violations
ISS or Short OSS

Up to 10 Day OSS

Alternative Program 45 Days
*Adult taking Indecent Liberties with Minor *Kidnapping

*Affray *Off Campus Consumption of Alcohol

*Assault involving a weapon *Possession of a Weapon

*Assault resulting in serious injury *Possession/Selling Controlled Substance

*Assault on School Personnel/Student *Property Damage > $1000

*Bomb Threat *Robbery with/without dangerous weapon

*Breaking and Entering *Burning of School Building *Communicating Threats to adults

*False Fire Alarm * Theft > $1000 *Fighting

*Gang Activity *Use of Alcohol *Use of Controlled Substance

*Sexual Harassmant *Sexual Misconduct *Sexual Assault

*Sexual Offense *Rape
CLASS III Violations
Short term OSS for up to 10 days

Alternative Program
Possession of Firearm or Destructive Weapon

This WILL result in a 365-Day OSS/Expulsion
CLASS IV Violation
Class IV
Possession of Firearm or Destructive Device
Class V
Behavior indicates that the students continued presence in school constitutes a clear threat to the safety of other students or school personnel
Class IV Actions
May result in a 365-calendar day suspension.
Class V Actions
If you do not ask questions now, that means you understand everything.
An educated citizenry is essential to a good government in this county and cannot exist without effective public schools that offer high ality education to all students. The goal is to maintain safe and caring schools to teach students to behave in ways that CONTRIBUTE to academic achievement and school succes, and to support a school environment where students and staff are responsible and respectful.
Statement of Purpose
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