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Francico Franco

No description

Cory Hays

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Francico Franco

Birth and Death
Born December 4, 1892 Ferrol, Spain to María and Francisco Franco.

Died November 20 1975 Madrid, Spain from Parkinson's disease and
went into a coma.
Francisco Franco was born on December 4, 1892, in El Ferrol, a small coastal town on Spain’s northwestern tip. Until age 12, Franco attended a private school run by a Catholic priest. He then entered a naval secondary school with the goal of following his father and grandfather into a naval military career.
Adult life
A lifelong military figure in Spain, Francisco Franco rose through the ranks. During 1935 he was named chief of staff of the Spanish Army. When the social and economic structure of Spain, in the governing hands of the left, began to crumble, Franco joined the growing rebel movement. He soon led an uprising and took control of Spain after the Spanish Civil War. From then until his 1975 death, he presided over a military dictatorship.
He was educated at Toledo Infantry Academy, after the Spanish Government temporarily suspended the admission of cadets into the naval Academy, graduating 3 years later.
Now you've learned about Francisco Franco!
The Dictator of Spain
Francisco Franco
Figures: Children-Carmen Franco Wife-Carmen Polo

Events: Spanish Civil War
At a young age Franco wanted to be in the military. That wish came true when he was promoted to Captain in 1915. For a while he remained in this position but in 1939 he became the dictator of Spain. During this time he was approached by Hitler to bring the spanish into the war, he disagreed and sided with the Axis. By the 19660's he was seen as an elder statesman than as a fascist dictator.
daughter wife

What is he famous/most known for
He lead the rebels in the Spanish Civil War and won. His actions here led him to be a well known Dictator.
Modern Day Francisco
Carlos Arias Narvarro of Spain
both served in the army
After Franco's death he tried to carry on Franco's wishes and policies.
Believed in Franco's dreams of the country
Cool info
He offered to help Hitler in WWII if Franco's demands were met.
He has many books writen about him.

He wrote and directed his auto biography
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