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Joan Miro Biography


Tina Bashar

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of Joan Miro Biography

Joan Miro Birth Death (What materials are used)? His Artworks.... Joan Miro's Potrait Style or period of art What is Surrealism? Words that Describes him.. Disciplined Hardworking orderly Reliable Modest Punctilious "Surrealism is a style in which fantastical
visual imagery from the subconcious
mind is used with no intention of making
the work logically comprehensible." April 20,1893
in Barcelona, Spain December 25, 1983
in Mallorca, Spain was the death of this great artist. Collage - Catalogues, magezines,
Drawings - Pastel papers, tar papers
Paintings - Canvas, sandpaper
Sculptures- Masonite, sandpaper,
marble and copper. type of artwork The frequent type of artwork he's done are
paintings and drawings. Joan has accomplished the maximum of 8,000 drawings. Joan Miro was born Media Primary makes this person special or interesting? What The character and art of Joan Miro is what makes him so interesting. He chose his career of what he wanted to do, not his parents. His parents wanted him to become a business man, but he chose to be an artist. His art provides such ways of creativeness. The art that he drew, painted, skulpted, etc. makes people ponder about what it is. Joan's art is unique, which makes him interesting to learn about. What events shaped or changed this person's life? The interest in art changed Joan Miro's life. Without this interest, he wouldn't be what he is today. However, Joan did start out becoming a business man. That was what his parents wanted him to become. Eventually, Joan worked as an accountant until he had a nervous breakdown. After that, he got his parents to allow him to choose his choice of career, an artist. The act of winning a prize at the Venice Biennale also changed his life. Joan Miro teaches us today that you should pick the career that YOU want. In the start of his career , he made
different kinds of painting styles that
were fashionable and used at the turn of
the century like cubism and fauvism. Work Citation Images:
Photo of Spanish Artist Joan Miro
March 6, 2010

Joan Miro Painting of Rooster "Le Coq"
March 6, 2010

Joan Miro Painting - The Village of Prades (1917)
March 6, 2010

Joan Miró Carnival of Harlequin Print - 1924-1925
March 6, 2010

Joan Miro Painting "Sonnens"
March 6, 2010

Joan Miro Painting - Portrait of E.C Ricart
March 6, 2010

Joan Miro Painting "Obra de Joan Miro"
March 6, 2010
http://joanmiro.com/ Books:
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