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software developer

No description

ryan bickle

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of software developer

Software Developer pathways there are
two pathways university
and college most people like to go to college
to become a software developer because it is usually closer to home. college university Support
groups one support group that gives
software developers chances are the Nintendo software development its because they have several sections for software developers. Path ways there are all kinds of skills you need to
know like reading and writing codas and designing software. Skills codes software desingn Support groups National science foundation
where discoveries begin
this is a group that helps find
new software for computers and video game systems Work Habits software developers has to
have patience in the line of work
because of the read writing
codes uploading downloading codes. Debugging Skills The ability to analyze the behavior of code to diagnose a problem and find the underlying cause. This includes but is not limited to using a debugger. you have to be a dedicated
worker if not you wont get paid
and you will destroy the work place
possess of the game and
software designing. Work Habits Automated Unit Testing More Skills This is the ability to unit test code by writing automated tests. this is a video that show
a simple software that helps
you start up and log in faster. Refactoring

The ability to revise existing
code without impacting its functional behavior. Even More Skills Use of Version Control

This skill includes basic use of a version control tool as well as a general understanding of software configuration management. work habits A good work habit to have a big attention span. Skills You Need Use of Integrated Development EnvironmentsThe ability to effectively use modern IDEs and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. software developers are needed all
over the world hears some Calgary / Banff / Jasper / Rocky Mountain House - Alberta
Edmonton - Alberta
Vancouver / Lower Mainland Southwest - British Columbia soft ware developers location around the world These are the final skills you
need to be a software developer Awareness of the Software Development Life Cycle This is an awareness of the 'big picture' of software development beyond just writing code - how the other life cycle stages (requirements, design, testing, and maintenance) impact coding and vice-versa. THE END Bickle
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