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Social Media for Business

No description

Stefanie Kilts

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business
To recruit new employees:
Build a strong, keyword-rich business page
Post jobs on LinkedIn
Use InMail to see referrals
Search similar employer
Join group to seek qualified members and post jobs
Content Strategy
Social media is 80% about followers' interests, 20% about self promotions
Research keywords and use that throughout blogs and posts
Tools: Google Keyword Planner
It's important to know what's working
Tools: Facebook Analytics, Hootsuite, Bit.ly
It's easier to join a conversation than create it
Figure out what's trending
Tools: Social Media Search Bars, Facebook Trends, Twitter Trends, Google Trends
Newsjacking: the process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.
Google News, Twitter, news outlets
Twitter Tips
Create Twitter Lists
Use hashtags: Zarrella has found that tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted than tweets without hashtags.
78% of user engagement is in the form of retweets
Tweets that contain links receive 86% higher retweet rates
Tweets with images links received 2 times higher engagement rates than without image links
4-1-1 rule
Facebook Tips
Remember: 20% self-promotion, 80% interesting content tailored to your community
Ask good questions
If you share a link, offer your opinion
To increase engagement
Host a "Caption This" contest
Do giveaways
Tag other pages
Reuse or rework content that was most engaged with: if it worked once, it will probably work again
Posting 1 to 2 times per day receives 19% better response than brands who post 3-4 times per day
Facebook ads and promoted posts work well
Tweets with hashtags receive 2 times more engagement
Recommended: 1 to 2 hashtags per tweet
Easier to join a hashtag than create it
Find trending hashtags and use them
Tools: Twitter Trends or Discover, Trendsmap, Hashtagify.me, RiteTag
If you want to create a hashtag, research first
Tools: Twitter, Topsy, Statigram
Analytics are important for knowing how successful your efforts are and what content is most engaged with
What's important:
Building your community is key. Keep track of your fan or follower counts.
Figure out what content is most engaged with use that for future posting and tweeting
The most engaged content will have a bigger "reach"
Tools: Facebook Analytics, Hootsuite Reports
Consider buying ads or promoting posts or tweets
There’s a lot of content out there and you need to produce funny, inspiring, engaging content to stand out.
And don’t forget to have fun!
The Five "C"s of a Social Media Campaign
Who is your audience and what are
they looking for?
How do you grow your audience?
What is your story?
How should you distribute your story?
Who is your audience and what are
they looking for?
How do you grow your audience?
How do you figure out your success rate? How do you turn conversation into sales?

What do you want to say? What is your story?
What photos, videos, words play into your story?
Website + BLog
Website + Blog
Facebook Analytics
Talking About This (TAT): The figure measures the number of unique people who have interacted on your Page in the past week.
Facebook Analytics
Talking About This (TAT): The figure measures the number of unique people who have interacted on your Page in the past week.
What I watch:
Most Engaged with Posts
When my audience is online
Net likes (especially during ad campaigns)
Clicks on links
What should you post?
What should you post?
Photos and videos are most engaged with and reach the most people.
According to the Social Media Examiner, research shows that in almost every industry, photos have more interaction than statuses, links or videos. Photos often get from 5 to 20 times as much interaction as any other type of Facebook post.
Write shorter posts: posts with 80 characters or less have 27% higher engagement rates
No hashtags - research shows they have no or even a negative effect on your posts
Social Media Strategy
Twitter Etiquette
Check and respond often
Happens in real-time
You have 140 characters but 120 characters works best for retweets
If you retweet someone, use the word "RT" or "retweet"
Follow strategically. You don't want to have huge following numbers compared to followers
Twitter users see the best results when they send original tweets 1-4 times per day.
Why Google+?
Similar to Facebook, but with no ads
You start with a Google+ "profile," can create "pages"
The language is a little different:
You organize your "people" in "circles"
You "+1" instead of "like"
Features others do not have:
Hangouts - video chats with up to 10 people
Tailoring who you send posts to
Using Google+?
You must have a personal and business page
Hashtags work!
Very visual platform
Photos and videos work well
Source: http://dashburst.com/infographic/twitter-cheat-sheet-increase-engagement/
A social media management tool
A social media management tool
Organization Structure
Content Creators
Social Media Schedulers
Social Media Editors
Social Media Responders
Schedule Posts
What's your story?

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