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Together for Sustainable Construction Unit Plan

An Integration of Mathematics and English Education

Michelle Dorsett

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Together for Sustainable Construction Unit Plan

Together for Sustainable Construction Unit Plan An Integration of Mathematics and English Education Mathematics English Sustainable Design Environmental Sustainability Getting the Facts about Sustainability Activists for a Sustainable Community With an Emphasis on the Wal-Mart Super Center Construction Site Unit Plan Created By:
Kimberly Schutte, Molly Kessie, Alex Tibbett, & Michelle Dorsett -Purpose
-good and bad sources to use in research
-learn other sources to use in research
- explore sources that they will use later in Wal-Mart paper
- actual experience with the site Purpose:
- To help engage students and give them an active role in the community.
- The paper will serve as a way to tie all the other lessons together and give students a format to present the information.
- To give students a voice that can be heard by the community, and represent the knowledge they have gained about Wal-Mart.
- Students choose one of the 3 paper options and compile information gathered from the other lessons.
- Students will write on one of the 3 paper options, peer edit their papers, and make the proper revisions to make the paper look professional.
- Students will correctly cite all the resources they use, as well as present information from the other lessons to strengthen their argument.
- The papers will be sent to the appropriate parties as suggestions for sustainability.
- Students will be given the option to send it to the editor of the paper. Purpose:
-Integrate mathematics, specifically algebra I topics surrounding number patterns, working with data, and creating graphs in a meaningful way that is in a real life manner while also getting actively involved with their community and the Wal-Mart construction site.
-Students understand the use of these topics while being active members of the classroom and the community.
- Students look at number patterns, graphing, working with real, raw data
-Students are exposed to environmental issues, especially those connected with construction
-Students are able to gain knowledge firsthand from a presentation by an environmentalist
-Students apply what they learn to become active members in the community by creating a project that connects what they have learned about the environment, about mathematical data, and about their community and the construction site.
-Students get actively involved in creating a more sustainable environment through their actions of a recycling action project.
Chuck Bowers, Superintendent of Construction South Park: Something Wall Mart This Way Comes Wal-Mart Protesters Wal-Mart Construction Site: Pullman, Wa Purpose:
- Students will analyze the uniqueness of sustainable designed items.
- Students will become more aware of sustainable design.
- Students will b aware of the different situations in which they can apply sustainable design.
- Calculate surface area and volume of cylinders and prisms.
- Students will compare the calculations they have made to analyze what is the best sustainable design for containers.
- Students will create their own sustainable design container. Bringing our students to Wal-Mart brings in local and global issues of sustainability that students can see firsthand. Wal-Mart brings a lot of controversy to the community not only because of the economy, but also the environment. Together for Sustainable Construction is all about school classrooms making connections with their communities at a construction site. Overall, with this unit our goal is to facilitate learning so that students may benefit from it not only as students, but as active members of the community.
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