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Grapes of wrath 13-16

No description

Matt Hadden

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Grapes of wrath 13-16

Chapters 13-16 The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 13:
Hope and Help Chapter 16 Chapter 14: Generosity Chapter 15: Gas Stations were the only source of resources,
such as water for people traveling highway 66. "An' if they's plenty of work in California,
we'll git our own car." Hopes and dreams are the foundation of the
Joad's motivation to get to California. In this
quote Connie and Rose of Sharon see a nice car
drive by and talk about how they hope to get one
just like it. Pictures A theme in this chapter of the book is going from “I” to “we.” This is a theme in the book because during the journey, no longer does everyone just try and think about themselves, but surviving becomes a joint effort and that is a big reason for why so many people make it out West. I to We Water is short and food is not plentiful
Families camp along the roadside
Every ditch becomes a settlement for the migrants Life on the Road Do not understand what has happened in the Midwest
They are frightened and on edge about the migration
Farmers worried that the weak and dislocated migrating people will come together to perhaps create a revolt People in the West “The last clear definite function of man- muscles aching to work, minds aching to create beyond the single need- this is man Important Quote By: Glenn, Sam and Matt
Chapter 14 "And suddenly he jarred as though under a heavy
blow. He lay still and his breath was stopped. Casy
looked down at the old man's face and saw that it
was turning a blackish purple."

This scene is describing grandpa dying in the Wilson's
tent. Current Character list of Ch. 13 Map of the beginning of the Joads
Journey "Could you see your way to sell us a loaf of bread ma'am?"
"This ain't a grocery store. We got bread to make san'widges" Mae says
"God almighty, Mae, give 'em bread" Al growls This part of the book takes place in a coffee shop
on route 66. Mae is the waitress and Al is the cook.
The quotes are from when a man and his two sons
come into the shop. Mae is unsure whether to give
them the bread or not but Al generously gives them
the bread with out hesitation. "Is them penny candy ma'am?"
"Oh... them. Well, no... them's two for a penny." These quotes are when the two little boys are looking
into the candy case, and ask Mae about the price.
With a little hesitation Mae gives them two for a penny,
which is not the true price of the candy. Pa tells a man he is going to find work in California, and the man proceeds to tell him he will never find work.
He says there are 800 openings, 5,000 hand bills and 20,000 workers coming for that job The Worries About the West It breaks down once again
Tom and Casy offer to stay behind and fix it, but because Ma refuses to split the family up, Tom and Al end up going to a used car lot for parts The Wilson’s Car They travel for three days, and on the third they begin going by the fact that “the highway became their home and movement their medium of expression.”
Rose of Sharon boasts that when they get to California, her and Connie will live in town The Joads and the Wilsons Chapter 16 "Up ahead they's a thousan' lives we might live, but when it comes it'll on'y be one." chapter 13 p.157 This is a quote reflecting the hope the Joads had about the west "All that lives is holy." chapter 13 page 184 "Grampa didn't die tonight. He died the minute you took m' off the place." chapter 13 p. 186 " Fear the time Manself will not suffer and die for a concept, for this one quality is man, distinctive in the universe." Chapter 14 Pg. 192 " The quality of owning freezes you forever into 'I', and cuts you off forever from the 'we.'" Chapter 14 Pg.193 Al drives the Joad's along route 66 and eventually they stop for gas. The attendant at the store says they have no money to pay for gas when they actually do. He proceeds to tell them that most people who come by his station have no money and beg for his fuel. He also says that he paints his pumps yellow to look like fancier stations, but you can still see the bad condition of the place. While at the station their dog is hit by a car and the gas station owner agrees to bury it, and the Joad's move on their way through Oklahoma City. They stop along the roadside once it's night time and meet the Wilson family. Granpa becomes ill and dies of a stroke while they are there. They bury him, and then go along on there way with the Wilson family.
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