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Copy of Joseph John 'J. J' Thomson

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barb kertle

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Joseph John 'J. J' Thomson

Work Experience
Status Update
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It is 1908 and I have just been knighted! It has been a good few years for me. I have been the Cavendish Professor and Director of the laboratory in The Trinity College in Cambridge for 24 years now and two years ago I won the Nobel prize for Physics in my investigations into the conduction of electricity by gases. My Laboratory lets me work with some of the Brightest minds in the world; Francis W. Aston, Niels H. D. Bohr, Hugh L. Callendar, Charles T. R. Wilson, Ernest Rutherford, George F. C. Searle, Geoffrey I. Taylor and John S. E. Townsend.
Trinity College of Cambridge:
~Head of the Cavendish Laboratory of Physics(1884).
~The Master(1918).
Most of my life work was carried out at The Trinity College of Cambridge.
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When I am not researching atoms I love to do Gardening. I have lots of flowers in my garden and I have been taking care of them for years. Even when I was a little boy I loved my garden at home.

My main interests are science and gardening.
Hey, take a look at my biography at nobelprize.org
University of Manchester, The Victoria University of Manchester, The University of Cambridge and The Trinity College Cambridge
Lived In
Manchester and Cambridge, United Kingdom.
J.J Thomson ~ Biographical
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Physicist and Mathematican
Joseph John 'J.J' Thomson
Check out this lesson on my Atomic Theory!
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