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Jessie J - Price Tag Ft. B.O.B

Analysis of the music video: Jessie J - Price Tag Ft. B.O.B

Beth Read

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Jessie J - Price Tag Ft. B.O.B

Jessie J - Price Tag

Ft. B.O.B By Beth
Read Technique Synchronous Semantic Message and
Meaning The opening shot is a Long Shot of a teddy bear with
one eye and a severed arm, the camera slowly pushes
in and out again to reveal a young girl sitting next to
the girl, the shot is made faster and the girl walks around
the teddy as she does she grows up to be a woman and
the singer. The synchronous technique used
is the contrapuntal music
because of the mutilated teddy,
this creates a childlike atmosphere. The image of the bear has connotations of
a corrupted childhood and a loss of innocence
when growing up; this is a binary opposition
between the visuals and the light hearted
atmosphere. The lyrics of ‘Video Hoes’ and the semantic meaning show that music and the sexual videos produced are corruptive for young girls. The main singer Jessie J is rather sexualised here but in a positive way showing what good role model successful women can be. There are Medium Shots and Close-Ups used
when Jessie is dressed as a puppet. The editing is rhythmic and the cross-cutting between the shots are synchronous with the drum beats of the music and overall making the song catchier and more memorable. She is being manipulated by unseen forces and is indicates the fear that many children have of puppets and clowns. The references to children’s toys show that childhood is precious and perhaps indicates that children grow up to fast because of the pier pressure represented by the ropes. There are high angle Long Shots of a money tree referenced throughout and there are Medium Close-Ups at tilted angles, typical of the MTV style, of Jessie throwing money away. The shots of the tree appear when the lyrics,
of the diegetic sound track, relate to
money and how it does not give you
happiness. The tree has metaphorical
meaning because of the phrase
‘Money doesn’t grow on tree’s’
this reinforces the message and
how that money isn’t everything. The message of the tree will appeal to the wider members of the audience because everyone will have been told or said that phrase. A ECU is used of Jessie moving her hand from her mouth and a smile appearing this shows that money isn’t everything and that it doesn’t buy you happiness.
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