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No description

Kayleigh Stokes

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of PewDiePie

Real Name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
He tries to post a 'Friday's With Pewdiepie' on Friday's, which is a video he does to update his Subscribers/Bros.
Sometimes in his Friday videos, he'll do a 'Pewd's Does Everything!' Where he will take comments from his Bros, and do the crazy things they suggest.
Friday's With Pewdiepie
And other times he'll do Q&A's or open up some fanmail!
Pewdiepie & Friends!!
Pewdiepie has played games with a lot of other Gamers.
One of the most well known is Cryoatic, also known as Cry. Him and Pewdiepie have played together for a long time. Cry is also another Gamer on Youtube, except he doesn't like people knowing who he is.
There is also a shipping people have given Pewdiepie & Cry, it's called; Pewdiecry. There are a lot of drawing and fanfictions of this shipping.
Pewdiepie has recently been playing with a group of people. Minx, Ken, Sp00n, Nova, Max, Adam, Syndicate, Ian, Anthony, Etc.
Pewdiepie Quotes!
In the beginning of his videos he always starts out with "Heh-heh-how's it going, bros? My name... is PE~WDIEPI~E!"
When he plays a game with Cry, he will sometimes say "Don't worry about it, Cry!"
Or when he sees his companion, Stephano, 'Stephano' will usually greet Pewdie with, "Ellos Pewdie, where have you been, I've been waiting for you!"
Pewdiepie has quite a few characters made-up when he plays a video-game, and weird voices to go with them usually, too.
There's one that's very known, he's a golden statue named, Stephano, who has a french accent, and is found in the game 'Amnesia'.
There's also another character from Amnesia, that goes by the name Piggeh, who's obviously, a pig. He's a very pumped animal, that has a very active voice. He loves boys and other... Non appropriate things.
Then there's Jennifer, she's a rock, and also from Amnesia. She has a very high pitched voice, and is in-love with Pewdiepie, who always rejects her love.
Pewdiepie is a Video-Gamer and Let's Player on Youtube.
Pewdiepie's Girlfriend!
Pewdiepie's Girlfriend's name is Marzia Bisognin, also known as Cutiepiemarzia on Youtube!
Marzia makes fashion, DIY's, and other girly things on Youtube, she has over a million subscribers.
Sometimes they two of them will appear in each other's videos.
And sometimes he'll even have his Girlfriend, Marzia, play games with him, too!
Pewdiepie has said quite a few different things, more than once.
He is also the number one most subscribed Youtube channel. He has over 25 million subscribers/Bros!!
Felix & Marzia have been dating for 2 years now, and are a super adorable couple!!!!
Pewdiepie is well known for playing horror games, and screaming like a little girl at the slightlest jump-scares.
He's played many big games, like; The Walking Dead, The Last Of Us, Amnesia Costume Stories, Slenderman, Silent Hill, Alice: Madness Returns, Cat Mario, ZombiU, ScribbleNauts, Deadpool, Heavy Rain, To The Moon, Just Dance, Happy Wheels, and a lot of Indie Games!
Pewdiepie's biggest enemy is Barrels!
There's also 'The Bro' from amnesia.
And there's 'Ruben's Mom' from Cry Of Fear.
Then there's Teleporting Naked Guy's.
When Pewd's is doing a hard jump he will usually yell "FOR LADY GAGA!!!!".
Or when Pewd's hurts himself, or a jumpscare comes, he'll yell, "Son of a Barrel!!".
There's also Mr. Chair, who's a chair, and is also from Amnesia. Something he says often with Pewdie is "Chair-Mode activated *Boop*" when there's a monster around.
A recent game he's played, is Outlast, a pretty scary Horror Game.
Pewdie has also played Gmod games with his friends. The more recent is Prop Hunt!
Pewdiepie has done two charity campaigns.
A few years back he won Gaming King Of The Web, and decided to put all of the money towards World Wildlife Fund.
Recently, he decided to do a "Water Campaign" charity. Were his Bro's could donate money, in honor of reaching 10 million Bros! He said he would also donate money, and other companies and games that Pewdie supports will also donate. And some other Youtuber's he knows.
Felix was born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was born October 24, 1989.
The Bro Army!!!!!
Pewdiepie refers to his Subscribers as his 'Bros'.
All of us Subscribers are called 'The Bro Army'!
At the end of each video, Pewdiepie gives his camera a Brofist for his Bros.
Pewdiepie has also won awards.
At the Starcount Social Star Awards he won Most Popular Social Show & Sweden Social Star Award.
And at the Shorty Awards, he won #Gaming.
Pewdiepie will also be in the Guinness World Record book for being the most subscribed Youtube channel of 12 million (now 13)., as of the twentieth of August.
The End!
I hope you enjoyed my P.I.P project!
By: Kayleigh
Brofist ;3
Also, check out Pewdiepie's videos maybe?
At the end of videos he'll end it with "Thanks for watching, see you in the next video, stay awesome bros! Maa-haaaa!!!!"
Full transcript